Mckinley shuts down after Loss?


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Didn't they also lose to Massillon one of those years? Of course!
McKinley has been to one regional final in the last 10yrs and lost to the Tigers.

The last one nobody could answer... Massillon has been very good the past three years Hoban and LaSalle could beat most schools across the country regardless of enrollment disparities.
11 years now


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Ok, let’s say McK did leave the FED. Aside from having to schedule 9 games every year, who would they even schedule? McK is one of the largest schools in Ohio based on enrollment. They wouldn’t be able to fill their schedule with smaller schools, so they’d be at the mercy of whoever was available during those open weeks, and once you get into October and November, it’s almost always the powerhouse parochial schools.

So you’d essentially be trading in league games for games against St. Edward, St. Ignatius, St. Xavier and teams like Brunswick, Medina, and probably Warren Harding. This argument of having McK leave the Fed makes no sense. Let’s trade an 8-2 record and a playoff berth for a 3-7 record and a tougher schedule. And I’m just going based on what McK has shown the last few years, they certainly can bounce back to be one of the better teams in Ohio.

The problem for the pups isn’t being in the Fed, it’s coaching/administration. For anyone who watched McKinley play this year you can attest to that. Since joining the Fed, McKinley has increased their enrollment and has gone through 4-5 coaches (unsure of the exact number there). It’s unrealistic to think that a new HC is going to turn the program around overnight, it’s just not going to happen. It took Nate Moore 2+ years to turn Massillon into the power they are now. I think Wattley has the potential to return McKinley to a powerhouse team, but he needs to find consistency with his coaching. This year, McKinley couldn’t decide what type of offense they were and they would abandon things that worked well for them.

It was the same story for Perry before Wakefield took over. They had 1 playoff appearance after he left and now they are contenders for the league and playoff mainstays every year. Same type of kids, same type of approach: consistency.


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McKinley is supposed to be playing Div I schools because they are a DiV 1 school and not a bunch of Div 2 and Div 3 farm schools. As far as Wattley goes he has shown that he knows nothing about the concept of good disciplined team defense or offense. There was no improvement at all in the program in fact it got worse. His concept seems to be "here's the ball boys have a good time". He reminds me a lot of the previous basketball coach who feasted on Div 4 schools at Timken and when he went to McKinley he was totally lost. and his concept was the same "here's the ball boys have fun" You're post is total ignorance from someone who is not part of Canton and has no business in McKinley or the Canton School system. The reason for the turnover at McKinley is because of the Piss Poor administration. John Miller was totally inadequate and was given the job because his old man smoked himself to death and asked for a favor. Cross was great and was let go because he wanted to only coach football. Ro Jo was nuts and was pushed into the job by a group of his friends. Filtz was let go because of discipline problems on the team. They brought back the has been McDaniels (who stated in the news papers he hated Canton and thought Warren was a far better place to coach) for who knows why. Reardon only used McKinley for a means to get back to Youngstown and now we have Wattley who seems to be following the current trend of no defense and bad offense football.started by the idiot Ro Jo. The only ones who like him are the ignorant ignoramuses who claim to be wealthy (interpretation: they are on Social Security and disability). How do you know they are going to go 3-7 playing Div I schools? I say if you want to be the best you play the best (and history has proved me correct), not schools like Perry and North Canton whose fan bases consist of screaming hillbillies whose means of employment is loading trucks full of slaughtered pigs and cows. You farmers all must hang out in the same bars as that loony Perry 1480 because you all smack of the same BS. "Why don't yu'ins coach if you think you know so much" Then you spit out a big chaw of your tabacky.