Massillon Tigers 2023 State Champions

In all honesty I hope Coach Moore and the Tigers continue to win. I do troll, but on a serious note; hopefully this is something that continues for the Tigers of Massillon.
I'm actually a little disappointed.


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Do Massillon fans root for Eds because it would make them the D2 champ that beat the D1 champ, or do they root for the public over the private ?No, they are from ne ohio, and a school we play. Why would we root for Sprigfield? They used to cry about Massillon being named the state champs until we played them and shut them upl
Congratulations to the Tigers. I had never been in the crowd devaluing pre-playoff championships, you won what there was to win. That being said, glad you did dismount that monkey off the bus. Enjoy.
Far as I'm concerned, the "paper tigers" crap is over. I know said it a few times while I was arguing with Massillon fans in the past. But no more. They won it all on the field. There isn't $h** anyone can really say to them now except champions.

Time for a repeat!
Having the most wins in Ohio football history should be celebrated. I'm glad they won their first State championship. This should be celebrated as well. Congrats Tigers.
I bet they are glad they did. They could have stayed at Copley and went 3-8 or 4-7 and finished their high school careers like that.
You're a respected poster, so I find it difficult to believe 2 players very instrumental in 16-0 and a Title cannot do better than that at Copley