Massillon Football 2020


It’s definitely going to be a challenge going 10-0 for a 3rd straight year. I give our coach credit for raising the bar and challenging our kids with one of toughest schedules in the state. Go Tigers!


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What if I told you that Jackson agreed to a home and home?
As I said I would be pleasantly shocked. No reason why they shouldn't. Good team. Neighboring districts. Ditto Perry, obviously.

Insert typical "but but but"s to follow. (we steal players, they have huge enrollment advantage, each have better fans, yadda yadda).


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Truth hurts but undeniable. Did the same to Mckinley. Larry Taylor was a strong proponent in playing Mckinley as he was putting their basketball program on the map but the AD refused to reciprocate in football, so Mckinley dropped them. That helped force their hand into allowing entry to the FL. Mckinley fans can speak to the wisdom of that decision. Ditto Jackson football fans via their record vs. Mckinley.
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