Massillon Football 2020: RB/FB edition

John Lee Pettimore

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In 2018, Jamir Thomas was wrapping up a brilliant career rushing for over 4000 yards and 56 touchdowns. In 2019 Terrance Keyes followed in Thomas' footsteps rushing for almost 1600 yards and 23 TD's. Fast forward to the 2020 season, Massillon's potential ball carriers bring as many questions to the table as they do attempts. The leading candidates appear to be Sr. to be Raekwon Venson (5'8" 210 Lbs in 2019), and Jr. to be Camden Beasley (6'0" 180 Lbs in 2019). Raekwon has rushed for 516 yards on 71 attempts with 6 TD's for an average of 7.2 yards per carry for his career in mostly mop up duties. Venson and Beasley are both not only capable blockers, both are very willing to block. Since the arrival of Nate Moore, Massillon has really used two backs in their offense, but since whoever doesn't win the starters job will probably start on the defensive side of the ball, a third option could come into play. Enter Jr. to be Nathan Depuy who could fill that void, it's also possible that a player like Tanner Pierce could slide in and get some carries if he doesn't win the QB competition. Xavier Andrews could also get some carries, although his experience at the varsity lever has been at FB and on the other side of the ball. The fullback is a position that Nate Moore has placed importance on since his arrival, in certain situations his formation has two fullbacks, the two who were used the most consistently were 5'8" 200 pounder Michael Billman and 5'9" 210 pounder Tyler Friend, both could be in a rotation not only at FB but also on the defensive line.
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As Avon saw, Venson is one of those fast, powerful, squatty-built RB's that are so hard to tackle. They just don't give you much target and they can easily break arm tackles. He reminds of me a lot of the RB from Trotwood that killed Avon in the 2011 state championship game.