Mary Jo to Talawanda


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Seems like a really strange hire for Talawanda... Any opinions?
It was down to two people MJ was the applicant with Head Coching Exoerience. The other finalist was an Alum and could give the program the youthful shot in the arm it needed. But, they went with a 70 year old woman that run and Offense that was last successful in the early 90s. Not a good hire. Get ready to hire another coach in 2 years again.


MJ will be fine in that league and will help build a feeder system. I agree that the offensive style is lacking but may work at the SWOC level. Once she gets to her 700 wins this year, hires a young JV coach, MJ will do her best to leave the program in better shape. For her age she's very driven, still has energy, really cares about the girls and does whats right. I think its a respectable and safe hire and the district knows the product they will get. I hope she has success as its hard to find coaches like her nowadays.....
Gotta disagree with you, Express. Anyone who has watched Josie the past 10 years knows this is a disaster waiting to happen. She is not the same coach she was in the 1980s or even 1990s. She has ZERO ENERGY, Doesnt care about the girls at all (ask the girl she told she was too fat to play basketball to her face in the offseason last year if she cares about her), NEVER WENT TO FEEDER GAMES IN THE PAST 10 YEARS and is simply doing this so she can get the 4 wins she needs to have 700 in her career. That averages out to about 14 wins per season in 48 years. That's a solid career number, except you need to be driven, passionate and want to coach these days. She's even quoted as saying some days she doesnt want to do it anymore in her Enquirer article. THe girls deserve WAY better than this; hire someone who wants to coach and wants to make kids better, not some old lady who is only coaching to get her 700 career wins. She is a shell of her former self as a coach; just ask ANY kid who played for her in the past 5 years. This is a horrible hire for the kids and program. She won't put time in to build this. Worst hire of all-time for Talawanda.


My daughter played for her the past couple of years and I disagree. She did a great job of organizing the summer youth leagues and she did attend the youth basketball tournament that she organized and spoke to the younger girls at the tournament. Never heard the "fat story" but she is blunt and to the point. Talawanda is not exactly a powerhouse, doesn't play in the GGCL so she will be fine to help get things organized for the next head coach which will happen within 2 years or so.