Looking for songs for a wrestling highlight reel...


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Admittedly, I'm old. And odd. If it ain't the Shirelles, the Kingsmen, or Elvis, I probably won't know it. Moreover, those bands don't exactly crank out highlight-reel material.

What I need are three songs that fit the following criteria:
1) Clean in content (if a song has some cussing, a clean version must be available.)
2) 3m15s - 3m45s in length (no one wants to watch a video montage to Iron Butterfly's "In a Gadda Da Vida". Well, I do. But no one else does.)
3) Lends itself to the emotion and energy found in the sport of wrestling

List your three songs. GO!


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Elvis does crank out Highlight reel material...https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=v8Psvxk9tjA
There are a couple 30-45 second snippets in there that when spliced just right make for a fun video.

Also, check out some James Bond remixes..........they have some LOUD stuff that when done right are pretty cool too.

Of course as already mentioned, Thunderstruck.

Good Luck.


Try this: Stand Up for the Champions - Right Said Fred.

You'll love it; make sure you watch the video too. Classic wrestling pump up song, or at least will ease the tension.

Coach Root

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I know you asked for three, but I figured I'd throw a few extra at you. I have done some really long highlight films over the years and this is always a tough task... Some of my favorites over the years that everyone else may not know about.

Do Or Die (Afrojack vs. THIRTY SECONDS TO MARS Remix) by Afrojack & Thirty Seconds to Mars
Believer by Imagine Dragons
Turn Down For What by DJ Snake & Lil Jon
Gladiator by Zayde Wølf
My Hero by Foo Fighters
How Far We've Come by Matchbox Twenty
All I Do Is Win by DJ Khaled
Vox Populi by 30 Seconds to Mars
Ruckus by Konata Small
Legend by The Score
Right Now by Van Halen
The Fear by The Score
Whatever It Takes by Imagine Dragon

Another thing, I'd add is that throwing in some older stuff helps to bring the parents back into their glory day and is almost always impactful... I've used Baba O'Riley by the Who, Fortunate Son By CCR, and Gimme Shelter by the Stones.

I'm a big fan of 30 Seconds to Mars or The Score if you are trying to keep the same sound and beat.

Best of luck in your endeavors.

Coach Root
Winning It All - The Outfield

I'm closing up, I'm closing in
Couldn't wait for this moment to come
Couldn't wait for this day to begin
Won't be afraid, got so much pride
And I've never been a loser
And I just can't lose tonight
Winning it all, ain't gonna walk away
Giving it all, no matter what you say
Ain't gonna fall, don't want to lose today
Winning it all
This time it's right, my time has come
Gonna give everything that I've got
Till it's over and victory's won
No second chance, no giving up
Because no one remembers a loser
And I don't intend to be one


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Excellent! Thank you for the submissions. I'll take my time to investigate these - along with the others from the Tweeters.

Give Me Shelter - MONEY!!!!!! Ohio-RTC once used it for a promo video. We used to crank that thing at the Port.

Ozzie: I'm even looking forward to your selection. :D


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Try this: Stand Up for the Champions - Right Said Fred.

You'll love it; make sure you watch the video too. Classic wrestling pump up song, or at least will ease the tension.
I'm not hating. I'm really not. But I'm not 100% it will make the cut. And those songs that do make the cut - we will stand up (stand up) for the champions...

ps: That guy was too sexy for his shirt.


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Or you can see how they do it perfectly on Facebook at The Madeira Wrestling Family site.
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Lots of great songs. Here are a couple that are a little different in style.

Rise Up by Andra Day is a really powerful and emotional song.

Title Holder by The Interrupters