Lima Area Rankings January 2021

I have been getting request for this, but have been reluctant to post because results are hard to come by this year. I did look through Baums, Track, Newspapers and social media websites, but while some teams are great about promoting their team, others exist like it is 1995. Some weight classes are stacked while others I struggled to even find wrestlers to fill the last couple of spots.

Please help make this list better by sending me name of wrestlers to look up their results. I know I am missing many freshman because we haven't had tournaments to see how they fare at the varsity level and with it being primarily duals, I am not seeing a bunch of great match ups.
Lima Area Wrestling Rankings 1/5/21 Help by getting me results! Email:

1. Tyler Hisey (SM)
2. Thayne Klemen (Bluf)
3. Trevor Rittenhouse (D)
4. Lane Bergman (V)
5. Kayne Brown (S)
6. Skyler Kirk (E)
7. Landin Wallace (C)
8. Gavin Grubb (CV)

1. Gavin Caprella (LCC)
2. Collin Mellot (W)
3. Trevor Hisey (SM)
4. Hunter Sidle (AE)
5. Nyah Miller (Spen)
6. Aiden Dispennette (GV)
7. Austin Hamilton (CW)
8. Kael Dotson (S)

1. Tayton Klemen (Bluf)
2. Drayk Kalenberger (GV)
3. Payton Platfoot (V)
4. Derrick Slater (C)
5. Bryce Knapke (W)
6. Gavino Martinez (D)
7. Donavyn Campbell (S)
8. Dennis Sudduth (VW)

1. Jarrett Hornish (WT)
2. Jeremy Sturgeon (Bluf)
3. Nick Kline (CW)
4. Brycen Miracle (C)
5 Carder Miller (Spen)
6. Mike Reed (V)
7. Killian Sudduth (VW)
8. Ethan Morgan (S)

1. Drake Carmen (AE)
2. Landon Engle (C)
3. Gabe Sutton (WT)
4. Cory Beach (S)
5. Eli Reinhart (Ant)
6. Logan Thatcher (GV)
7. Dalton Swickrath (E)
8. Gavin Hall (W)

1. Hunter Long (WT)
2. Conner Douglass (E)
3. Kobe Epperly (V)
4. Ezekiel Burkholder (B)
5. Anthony Bodine (DJ)
6. Angel Rosales (OG)
7. Zach King (C)
8. Parker Mihm (PW)

1. Aaron Bowsher (LS)
2. Kade Wireman (AE)
3. Seth Meggison (WT)
4. Grant Heuing (CW)
5. Ethan Scurlock (S)
6. Landen Schroeder (CG)
7. Logan Green (PW)
8. Nathan Cummins (IL)

1. Kane Epperly (V)
2. Jaden King (C)
3. Dominic Tracy (D)
4. Garret Donovan (SM)
5. Corbin Mitchell (W)
6. Mason Adlesh (S)
7. Sam Obringer (CW)
8. Graham Farmer (PW)

1. Eli Moore (WT)
2. Carson Bey (V)
3. Chase Miller (AE)
4. Kaden Basil (Bluf)
5. Mason Vonderwel (DSJ)
6. Jacob Schlesman (W)
7. Luke Delano (Aye)
8. Macein Bigham (VW)

1. Hayden Pummel (IL)
2. Blake Herseberger (AE)
3. Chase Martin (DSJ)
4. Mason Saeler (SM)
5. Bruce Hutchinson (DJ)
6. Tyler Carlin (C)
7. Carter Bays (K)
8. Caleb Kaiser (V)

1. Lane Mefford (IL)
2. Davion Browning (LS)
3. Stashu Patterson (SM)
4. Gage Wireman (AE)
5. Shane Ontrop (CW)
6. Chaz Neuenschwander (PW)
7. Alex Kaiser (V)
8. Carson Roberts (Spen)

1. Erza Jones (CG)
2. Carter Sharpe (SM)
3. Caleb Welch (AE)
4. Caleb Stammen (CW)
5. Noah Gilmore (V)
6. Alex Stachler (C)
7. Brandon Bowling (Ken)
8. Tyler Ulrey (Linc)

1. Brayden Keihl (V)
2. Alek Winner (AE)
3. Brock Lyons (E)
4. Hayden Riddenour (PW)
5. Joe Posada (C)
6. Ruben Noriega (Spen)
7. Owen Miller (DJ)
8. Trevor Houts (Wapak)

1. Jeff Meyer (CG)
2. Eli Criblez (AE)
3. Taren Tyo (V)
4. Brandon Dues (Spen)
5. Jacob Graham (WT)
6. Eli Kline (VW)
7. Colton McCartney (Green)
8. Cael Rostofer (Wapak)

1. Versailles
2. St. Marys
3. Celina
4. Allen East
5. Wayne Trace
6. Wapakoneta
7. Spencerville
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I will be watching! I wish Wapak still posted all the area results, it made ranking kids a lot easier. As for any wrestler seeing my rankings, please use that as motivation to move higher.


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This is nice, thanks. Would be useful if you listed all teams you consider as being in Lima area.

I think at #152, Adlesh is too low. Probably ahead of Mitchell (W). If Adlesh is healthy, we'll see this week if he's ahead of Donovan (SM).

And from the results I see posted, Grant Heuing (CW) lost to Mitchell (W) while wrestling up, so looks like Heuing is rated a bit high too.

Seems like Angel Rosales (OG) has been mainly at #145 recently.

Any way to get tLN to actually publish wrestling results? I don't see anything on duals, while their tournament coverage is bad prose wasting column inches instead of printing actual results.
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I will be watching! I wish Wapak still posted all the area results, it made ranking kids a lot easier. As for any wrestler seeing my rankings, please use that as motivation to move higher.
with schedules constantly changing, no one posting or submitting results, it is difficult to do this year. We hope to be fully functional again next year. However, this will require the assistance of areas coaches sending in results. Just this year is a chaotic mess.


Wapak had a great week beat Shawnee Hall and Beach didnt wrestle I think Beach was moved to avoid a void but Hall did win his match with a pin. Over the weekend Wapak won its duals over Lakota and Fairview but biggest result was Wapak middle school won thier own tourney Congrats kids.