Letting NBA Teams Choose Where To Put The 3-Point Line


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Interesting idea on ESPN a few minutes ago. The analyst was talking about bringing NBA basketball back to what it looked like 20 years ago by letting teams decide where they want to place the 3-point line. Instead of the NBA dictating the distance, a good shooting team could keep the line where it is. A team built for more of an inside game could move the line out to 30 feet or more. The idea was that this could make teams with an inside presence more valuable on certain courts.

He compared it to MLB and the various dimensions of the baseball parks. The tall walls with short distances. The deep fences at other fields. The irregular hill in Houston. Basically, a home run at one field may not be a home run at another field.

Even NFL has different surfaces and conditions that must be accounted for when developing a team.

So what do you think of allowing teams to make adjustments to tailor to their team?

Just a note...these would be year-to-year decisions. Not game-to-game.


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How about a 4 point line, or a second vertical hoop that looks like a clown's head and open mouth at the very top of the backboard ? .......and maybe add another hoop on the edge of the backboard at 12 feet, for 3 point dunks only ?

They are going to have to do more to attract the younger fans.


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I like allowing some variability in the court size/layout to give teams opportunity to specialize/create home court advantage


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They need to eliminate the corner arc discrepancy that shortens the arc length to 22 feet to create more space for corner shooters. The raw stats suggest that about 40% of threes from this spot are made league wide, or 60% eFG. It's about on par in value with getting shots at the rim in the half court.