LCM Championship Season

Sectionals (Miami) and Senior Meet (Kenyon) are coming up next week so everyone is hopefully getting some rest and preparing to swim fast! I know DR is hosting the former meet and RAYS the latter, and the following week is YMCA Nationals and Summer Juniors so lots to talk about. Who's going where and which swimmers/events should we be keeping an eye on?


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I can give the full CAC run-down and a little bit of other pieces.

As far as CAC goes- Myself (cooper hodge) and Greg Nymberg are going to Juniors. I'll be swimming 2/4 IM, 1/2 BR, 2 BK and possibly 2 FL. Greg is entered in the 1 FL right now but is going to sectionals to try to pick up bonus cuts in the 1/2/4 FR and 2 FL.
CAC at Sectionals- I think Jack Mantkowski and Charles Leibson are going to have some good swims, both of them are doing the 200 free and i think we can expect some pretty quick times in the 1:58 range from both of them. Cooper Keener should go pretty fast in the backstrokes. A swift 1:00/2:10 combo wouldn't shock me at all.
As for the girls, Claire Gilmore and Devin Landstra will lead the CAC girls at Sectionals. Gilmore is swimming 50/100/200/400 and 200IM (i think?) and Landstra is in the 50/100 FR, 100/200 BK, 100 FL, 200 IM (once again, i think). I think we can expect some big drops from them seeing how their SCY seasons went (Gilmore: 1:48.3 200 FR, Landstra 56.1 100BK).

I know the raiders are sending Cope, Turner, Pohlman, and Higgins to JRs and I think we should keep an eye out for those relays, especially the 800 FR-Relay.

Countryside will be at YMCA Nationals so also check for them.

Anybody have some time predictions for any of these swimmers at their meets?


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Congratulations to Countryside for winning YMCA long course nationals. Very competitive meet and CY had some huge performances by Grant House, Kevin George, and Matt Slabe. They also smashed a ynat record in the 800 free relay going 7:39 (House, George, Westrick, Slabe).

Also congrats to cooper hodge and Greg Nymberg on some impressive swims at juniors so far.


For me the best one swim so far is Reilman (Walsh Jesuit and Firestone Aquatics) dropping a 2:00 in the 2 back excited to see his other times!