Last Chance U- Basketball Edition


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Anyone else watching this? I'm about 6 episodes in and it is pretty good. Last year's football coach was the best we'd had to that point, but this guy is a better human being than any of the others had been. It pretty much follows the theme of the prior seasons but this one follows the East LA College (juco) through their season. As usual, lots of lost kids who need a stern steady mentor trying to make it to ta 4 year D1 program.


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I finished it last week. I liked it better for a few reasons.
1. As you said, the coach is a better human being. Buddy and Jason were arrogant hypocritical buttholes who thought they were God's gift. Just like their players in Scooba and Indy they are at JUCO for a reason. Mostly self inflicted.
2. With less players on a basketball team you can familiarize yourself with them without trying to remember who from whom.
3. With less players you have less malcontents. I thought only #42 was the true problem child. Other years you at least half a dozen
4. Easier to look up their stats when they go D1. In football if you play a position that's not 100% based on stats you can't get a good feel how someone is doing. Basketball, points boards, assists, its all right there. Unfortunately a couple of those guys went to Chicago State, which only played a few games before they shutdown their season.
Also, Coach John can move! Dude is 46 and running on the court with guys a generation younger