Lakers 2019-2020


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The Lakers beat the Wizards 125-103 to go to 17-2.Anthony Davis scored 26 points.

Lebron scored 23 points and had 11 assists.


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The Lakers beat The Heat 113-110 to go to 23-3.A.D. scored 33 points and had 10 Rebounds.

Lebron scored 28 points and had 9 rebounds and had 12 assisis
Wow, I didn't realize the gaudy numbers The Brow is putting up. Wishing the Lakers fans on here gl and hopefully The Brow is healthy when it matters the most.


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Lebron is dealing with a bad thoracic muscle strain.He needs a lot of rest and rehab.

He needs to rest atleast 10 games.Maybe even January and Febuary.

He needs to not come back to soon.And A.D. needs to rest and heal as well.

The play-offs is what matters and we need both 100% come play-off time.


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Wonder if he regrets caving into the league pressures to play on Christmas day?
First word on the 23rd or so was that he likely would miss the Christmas day game which would really hurt ratings.

The next day ESPN really made it abundantly clear he was going be playing.

Likely shoulda sat...…..


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Lebron is dealing with two injuries now.The groin injury and the thoracic musle strain.

He needs to rest and recover.A.D. needs to rest and recover as well.