King of the Ring - Grand River Rumble.. 7/9-7/12..... Head Count


I am taking my kid to the King of the Ring tournament 40 minutes from Chicago in IN and the Rumble is in MI. Today the coach of the team my son is wrestling for sent a message that they have lifted the spectator restrictions and it is basically all systems go..... not sure what the Rumble is doing.

Regardless, we are back to wrestling. How many OH kids are going? Both tournaments state they are complying with all COVID mandates.... temperature checks, etc....

We are all adults and have been schooled in proper protocols.... hand washing, wipe downs, etc... we get it. Time for this. If it all goes well, hope it reopens more things.

Happy wrestling.... hope to see some friends in July. Missed you all.
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Didn’t see the Rumble was relocated... sorry for that misinformation. I believe the Viper Pit is still on for AUG.....

Any other tournaments, feel free to share on this thread.....