Kid kids kolatted at tulsa


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10 year olds get to challenge calls now. What a world we live in! Now if we could just stop those 10 year olds from burning out before they hit high school I think we'll have solved all the world's problems.

I enjoy wrestling

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10u 70 finals at kickoff classic in tulsa. I was coaching. first period ends and we are up 6-2. We go down in the 2nd. No scoring happens. at :49 left in the period, i look and the scoreboard says 6-4. Thank God I was there and it wasnt just his dad because dads get very emotional. I went to the table and said there is a scoring error and that green somehow had 2 points added to his score. The ref said, no its 6-4. I said where did the 2 points come from. He said there was nf2 during the period. I stated there was never anything close to being nearfall in the period. He tells me to go sit down. I lay the 100 bucks down. THe head ref comes over and asks me what I am challenging and I said the nearfall that was awarded during the period. He asks what time so they can go to that point. I say there is no time to go to because it never happened. They reviewed it, made the score 6-2. The final score was 6-4. It was Kolten Everett of BTW/ dundee in the finals. its on flo. The match time is 11 minutes as it took them awhile to review it before changing the score to the correct score.
Should I not have challenged and told my kid sometimes you get screwed son get over it, OR should I throw my 100 bucks down to get it right?
I get it and I don't. There are worse things youngsters could be doing than going to wrestling tournaments. But, how many kids stop wrestling and actually grow apart from family because of pressure?

Took some youngsters to Gene Mills camp many years ago. Old Olympic training center in upstate Pennsylvania. Kids were informed there was a voluntary 6 am run. Not many takers first day. 2nd day more kids. 3rd day more kids. Needless to say how that ended.

Next up was the swimming pool and fishing. Sessions were done about 5 I think. You could swim or stay after for special training. You could learn from a guy named Metzger and many others. Younger kids went swimming and a few stayed behind to learn first day. You know how that story goes. Kids were there to learn how love the sport. Very little competition, most of the wrestling was drilling.

Learn to love the sport first imo. Give the kids space to grow. Don't be that "DAD"
I really want to know where that 6u 43 lber is going
I understand he is only 6 and other is only 10. I know a lot things can happen between now and high school. I was just looking clubs or school do they train with and general location. I know Reer trains a lot at BTW but wasn’t sure area he lived for possible schools.

All I was looking for was trains with Palmer and lives in Columbus area, lives in Milan and trains BTW, or lives Avon and trains Westshore. Sorry if guys thought I needed high school that we will see these kids at.