Kettering Fairmont D-1 District Rankings (Off-Season #3)


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I’ve started moving wrestlers around based off of where they wrestled in the off-season, Boro’s rankings, and some pure guesswork. Please let me know any changes that I should make on weights, teams, or divisions, if you have any inside information.

I love doing these rankings, but as it has been pointed out before, they are just for fun. To any wrestlers who read these and feel that they are ranked too low, you may be right.
I am bound to be wrong on many of the rankings, but fortunately they have absolutely no impact on how anyone will finish at any tournament this season or any other year.

* = unsure about participation or availability

1. Elijah Spencer- LaSalle (3rd middle school state)
2. Jack Roth- Elder (5th district)
3. Zach Evans- Troy
4. Brandon Mitchell- Oak Hills (6th district)
5. Vincent Bamonte- St. Xavier
6. Sterling Segal- Moeller
7. Jacob Castillo- Middletown
8. Jake Lange- Edgewood

1. Cole Skinner- LaSalle (3rd state)
2. Pacey Najdusak- Mason (SQ, 7th state 2018)
3. William Doepker- Elder (8th state 2018)
4. Tanner Beerman- Fairfield (8th middle school state)
5. Bryson Clinger- Beavercreek*
6. Max Kaye- Piqua
7. Gino Fiorino- Harrison
8. Spencer Meng- Centerville*


1. Dustin Norris- LaSalle (1st, 2nd state)
2. Dominic DiTullio- Mason (4th state)
3. Lucas Acuna- Centerville (8th state)
4. Conner Kleinberg- Springboro (1st middle school state)
5. Andrew Newkirk- Fairfield (5th district)
6. Austin Sodemann- Northwest
7. Nolan Moore- Moeller
8. John Doyle- Lakota West (6th district)


1. Antoine Allen- LaSalle (5th, 5th state)
2. Josue Dawson- Princeton (SQ)
3. Kyah Patrick- Beavercreek (5th district, 5th district 2017)
4. Max Boaz- Lakota East (6th district, SQ 2018)
5. Matt Motter- Butler
6. Jake Cotsonas- Loveland
7. Jacob Brewer- Colerain
8. Dominic Pappalardo- Moeller

1. Casey Wiles- LaSalle (4th, 3rd state)
2. Logan Hoskins- Butler (SQ)
3. Jack Collins- Elder (SQ)
4. Maclain Morency- Anderson (3rd middle school state)
5. Alexander Taylor- Centerville
6. Dante DiTullio- Mason
7. Collin Lovett- Miamisburg
8. Olathe Seigla- Edgewood

1. Jake Niffenegger- LaSalle (2nd state)
2. Mason Kleinberg- Springboro (SQ)
3. Matt Verdes- Butler (5th district)
4. Tim Smith- Colerain (6th district)
5. Logan Brown- Centerville
6. Lucas Rodgers- Tecumseh (5th district)
7. Desmond Diggs- Xenia (6th district)
8. Tyrone Keeton- West Carrollton (SQ)


1. Darnai Heard- LaSalle (7th state)
2. Luke Marsh- Lebanon (SQ)
3. Alex Espstein- Lakota East (6th district)
4. Cyle Wells- Tecumseh
5. Bartley Thomas- Elder
6. Zell Moua- Lakota West*
7. Mauricio Dominguez- Springboro
8. Josh Wilder- Little Miami


1. E’lan Heard- LaSalle (4th state)
2. Andrew Knick- Northmont (6th state)
3. Austin Mullins- Wayne (7th state 2018)
4. Seth Lambers- Elder (SQ)
5. Kurt Thompson- Moeller (5th district)
6. Judah Thomas- Middletown
7. Avery Bair- Centerville
8. Flint Guerra- Lebanon (3rd middle school state)


1. Brett McIntosh- Harrison (3rd state)
2. Jestin Love- Butler (SQ 2018)
3. Tyler Grogg- Lebanon (6th district)
4. Wyatt Ferguson- Oak Hills (3rd middle school state)
5. Evan Overholser- Kettering Fairmont
6. Alex Hobbs- Little Miami
7. Carlos Quintero- Troy
8. J. Tyler Hicks- Beavercreek (5th middle school state)


1. Nevan Snodgrass- Kettering Fairmont (3rd, 4th, 4th state)
2. Gavin Bell- Beavercreek (5th state)
3. Jaden Hardrick- Wayne (SQ)
4. Chase Stein- LaSalle (6th district)
5. Patrick Barrett- Elder
6. Will Coffield- Springboro
7. Vincent Scally- Moeller
8. Alec Hall- Tecumseh


1. Dillon Walker- LaSalle (SQ 2018)
2. Toby Amburgy- Mason (SQ)
3. Caleb Tackett- Lebanon (5th district)
4. Marvelous Rutledge- Stebbins (5th district)
5. Jordan Dillon- Beavercreek
6. Jonathan Bruder- Centerville
7. Ali Salih- Kettering Fairmont
8. Tavier Lugo-Flowers- Lakota East

1. Jacob Kowalski- Springboro (SQ)
2. Phil Tracey- Northmont
3. Conner Bradley- Fairborn
4. Joel Martinez- St. Xavier
5. Brendan McKenzie- Butler
6. Jonathon Sanchez- Moeller
7. Josef Schlade- Centerville
8. Collin Streuer- Little Miami

1. Tripp Johnson- Springboro (5th district)
2. Brandon Smith- Fairfield (6th district)
3. Ben Blevins- LaSalle (6th district 2018)
4. Colton Quantz- Lebanon
5. Vincent Munlin- Princeton*
6. Tressel Cochran- Springfield
7. Nate Ficker- Elder
8. LaVeall Trimble- St. Xavier

1. Jacob Padilla- Wayne (1st, 8th state)
2. Seth Frantz- Northmont (SQ)
3. Paul Haywood- LaSalle
4. Rowan Tolbert- Elder
5. Radical Rothermel- (Trenton) Edgewood
6. Ace Ehrenschwender- Colerain (5th district)
7. Aaron Sharp- Lakota East
8. Justin Knipper- Beavercreek

1. LaSalle
2. Elder
3. Springboro
4. Mason
5. Butler
6. Lebanon
7. Centerville
8. Beavercreek

A special thanks to Boro Fan for all the insight into the weights of the wrestlers, Baum’s Page and Jake’s Wrestling for all of the results that they provide, and to any of the other wrestling nerds that actually read these things.

-Max Pearce


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6. Sterling Segal- Moeller 106 lbs. would do VERY well....hand fights and holds position extremely well. Isn't he in the 8th grade?
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Looks like Damian Ryan is odd man out for LaSalle. Is he staying there or heading back to C-ville. Can he beat A.Allen? Rankings dont seem to think so.


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Looks like Damian Ryan is odd man out for LaSalle. Is he staying there or heading back to C-ville. Can he beat A.Allen? Rankings dont seem to think so.
Beat Antoine.... No. He still has 2 more years and can flourish under the tutelage of Coach Root and his box of irons; He'll be a state placer his last two years of high school and sign with Mount Saint Joseph.