Kettering Fairmont D-1 District Rankings (Off-Season #1)


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I know that it’s early to be posting these, and we don’t know what next season will look like in the fall. Honestly, these are just for entertainment anyway, so I might as well post them during this empty period.

These initially rankings are just last year’s weights with the seniors taken out. I’ll start to move wrestlers around as the off-season progresses.

The freshmen are those listed in Boro Fan’s thread about incoming freshmen. Some were listed with 2 potential schools (and I just took a guess), so let me know if there are any that are mislabeled, or if there are any wrestlers who will be transferring schools.

* = unsure about participation

# = 2nd wrestler ranked from the same team. I’ll rank an extra wrestler at these weights.

1. Brandon Mitchell- Oak Hills (SQ)
2. Drew Magness- Elder (SQ)
3. Simon Taylor- Centerville (SQ)
4. Parker Lee- Butler (SQ)
5. Noah Moreland- Butler#
6. Ty Harter- Loveland
7. Austin Hubbard- Fairfield
8. Ryan Wissmar- Springboro (6th district)
9. Colton Baker- Talawanda

Freshmen to watch:
Jared Johnston- Moeller (2nd middle school state 2018)
Aidan Allen- Princeton
Jayden Cochran- Miamisburg
Sterling Segal- Moeller

1. Damien Ryan- Centerville (SQ)
2. Bryson Clinger- Beavercreek*
3. Logan Besecker- Beavercreek (SQ)#
4. Jack McCall- Lebanon (SQ)
5. Dylan Pennekamp- Oak Hills (5th district)
6. Hayden Hollis- Springboro (6th district)
7. Jacob Castillo- Middletown
8. Bryce Williams- Mason*
9. Spencer Meng- Centerville#
10. Brian Hertel- West Clermont

Freshmen to watch:
Eugene Harney- Sycamore (4th middle school state 2019)
Elijah Marengo- LaSalle
Graham Mercurio- Loveland
Brandon Hardin- Moeller
Collin Battles- Springboro

1. Dustin Norris- LaSalle (SQ, 1st, 2nd state)
2. Dominic DiTullio- Mason (SQ, 4th state)
3. Lucas Acuna- Centerville (SQ, 8th state)
4. Conner Kleinberg- Springboro (5th district)
5. Jake Sowders- Oak Hills
6. Bryton Miller- Kettering Fairmont
7. Jack Roth- Elder (5th district 2019)
8. Gino Fiorino- Harrison

Freshman to watch:
P.J. Murphy- Elder
Tyler Epstein- Lakota East

1. Cole Skinner- LaSalle (SQ, 3rd state)
2. Noah Lippeatt- Mason
3. Nolan Moore- Moeller
4. Lucas Berner- Tecumseh
5. Lincoln Kuba- Beavercreek
6. Isaac Belt- Sidney
7. Kanden Pittman- Xenia
8. Tyler Fraasman- Fairfield

Freshman to watch:
Fletcher Rose- Miamisburg

1. Casey Wiles- LaSalle (SQ, 4th, 3rd state)
2. Brayden Zenni- Moeller (SQ)
3. Max Boaz- Lakota East (6th district 2019, SQ 2018)
4. Jacob Brewer- Colerain*
5. Luke Adams- Fairfield
6. Kody Kaimann- Elder
7. Dzhambulat Tchhovrebov- Kings
8. Ty Brock- Mason

Freshman to watch:
Gabe Adams- Fairfield

1. Jake Niffenegger- LaSalle (SQ, 2nd state)
2. Luke Marsh- Lebanon (SQ)
3. Maclain Morency- Anderson (5th district)
4. Olathe Seigla- Edgewood (6th district)
5. Matt Motter- Butler
6. Brandon Sperry- Fairfield*
7. Brad Hornback- Moeller
8. Triston Jordan- Centerville

Freshman to watch:
Brady Willman- Miamisburg

1. Austin Mullins- Wayne (SQ, 7th state 2018)
2. Darnai Heard- LaSalle (7th state 2019)*
3. Tim Smith- Colerain (SQ)
4. Ryan Walker- West Clermont (5th district)
5. Maceo Powell- Princeton
6. Miles Moyer- Northmont
7. Nolan Fitz- Mason
8. Xander Began- Edgewood

Freshmen to watch:
Austin Holman- Milford
Dakota Reardon- Harrison

1. Bartley Thomas- Elder (SQ)
2. Alex Hobbs- Little Miami
3. Donovan All- Fairfield
4. Mawuli Nevis- Colerain
5. Logan Sowders- Harrison
6. Flint Guerra- Lebanon
7. Conner Sands- LaSalle
8. Gage Starrett- Northwest

Freshmen to watch:
Wyatt Walker- (Trenton) Edgewood (3rd middle school state 2019)
Baylor Stickel- Miamisburg

1. Kurt Thompson- Moeller (SQ)
2. Robert Green- Northwest
3. Logan Eads- West Clermont
4. Evan Thompson- Kettering Fairmont
5. Micah Pennington- Fairfield
6. Jake Gerding- Lakota West
7. Zander James- Anderson
8. Logan Jones- Colerain

Freshmen to watch:
Aydan George- Centerville
Calvin Crawford- Beavercreek
Davion Perez- (Cincinnati) Northwest

1. Chase Stein- LaSalle (5th district, 6th district 2019)
2. Wyatt Ferguson- Oak Hills
3. Khamil Abdul- Colerain
4. Mitch Reardon- Sycamore
5. Parker Hinkebein- Centerville
6. Parker Smith- Springboro
7. Dominic Little- Harrison
8. Nick D’Agostino- Mason

1. Dillon Walker- LaSalle (SQ)
2. Marvelous Rutledge- Stebbins (SQ)
3. Myles Johnson- Springboro (5th district)
4. Isaiah Benson- Northwest
5. Jonathon Sanchez- Moeller
6. Gunnar Pool- Centerville
7. Tyler Smith- West Carrollton
8. Brentan Simmerman- Little Miami

1. Toby Amburgy- Mason (SQ)
2. Tyler Hicks- Beavercreek (SQ)
3. Phil Tracey- Northmont (5th district)
4. Tavier Lugo-Flowers- Lakota East
5. Jack Tucker- Elder
6. Josef Schlade- Centerville
7. Brock Vogel- Anderson
8. Louis Jimenez- West Clermont

1. Brandon Smith- Fairfield (SQ)
2. Jonathan Bruder- Centerville (SQ)
3. Joshua Padilla- Wayne (5th district)
4. LaVeall Trimble- St. Xavier (6th district)
5. Tressel Cochran- Springfield
6. Radical Rothermel- (Trenton) Edgewood
7. Colin Streuer- Little Miami
8. Makarrie Harden- Northwest

Freshmen to watch:
Luke Stuerenberg- Moeller
Tanner Smith- Lebanon

1. Lance Reaves-Hicks- Piqua
2. Bobby Shaw- West Carrollton
3. Louis Lobato- Fairfield
4. Hayden Harvey- Milford
5. Simieon Salter- Northwest
6. Zach Back- Butler
7. Nathan Detherage- Talawanda
8. Andrew Thompson- Winton Woods

Freshmen to watch:
Kohen Moore- (Trenton) Edgewood
Richard Thornton- Springboro

1. LaSalle
2. Centerville
3. Fairfield
4. Mason
5. Archbishop Moeller
6. Elder
7. Oak Hills
8. Colerain

A special thanks to Boro Fan for all the insight into the weights of the wrestlers, Baum’s Page and Jake’s Wrestling for all of the results that they provide, and to any of the other wrestling nerds that actually read these things.

-Max Pearce


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My experience has been that most returning lightweights (under 135) will jump up 1-2 weights in any given season. I realize you're trying not to guess who & how much, but we all know it will happen.


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You guys think Kurt Thompson from Moeller stays at 160? His brother was a big dude.
Tons of these guys will move up. Most of the freshman listed here will be up quite a bit, I would think. I know that George and Crawford (160 here) were both wrestling 164 for OAC, but wrestled 172 most of the MS season. Crawford's dad is a very big man. I'm guessing that a lot of the LaSalle guys will be at the same weight they are now as those guys are mostly Juniors and Seniors.

This is simply a listing of where guys competed at districts last season. The hard part with projecting weight for a lot of them is that there is no off-season competitions to look to for where guys are competing.