Kenna Stimmel - National Freshmen PV Record - 13' 5"


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What a great effort! I looked up the results and she bested a lot of the guys' vaults. The results of the event are here.

That's a really unique event. Events for throwers or long jumpers could be held in a similar setting. Anything that promotes the sport is good.


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Thanks for the link. I went through Ohio Milesplit, and that took me through Michiana's website. Their info wasn't as complete as your link.

You'll also see that Kenna won the Friday Girls' 15-16 vault with a 13' 1" effort prior to her winning on Saturday with the 13' 5" vault in the Elite section.

Note also Greenville's Riley Hunt who won the 17-18 girls' vault on Friday with a 13' 2" effort, then placed 2nd on Saturday at 12' 6" behind Stimmel's 13' 5".