Kareem Hunt


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Different scenarios. Although Hill is a turd, he admitted to it and the process ran it's course. Hunt, on the other hand, lied to the Chiefs back when this first happened.
Different because Hill's incident happened in college and there wasn't video.


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There didn't need to be video, he plead quilty, kicked off the team and instead of being a 1st rd NFL pick $$$, was a 5th rd.
And if there was video he likely never would have been in the NFL. If you think video doesn't matter you apparently missed the entire Ray Rice incident.


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Wonder if the steelers will get him now with Conner out for at least two weeks.
He's on the exempt list. Once he signs, the NFL will be quick to suspend him even if they remove him from the list. He's not going to be able to see the field for some time.