Jonathan Alder tournament 1/22,1/23 needs teams


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New dates for this 2 day, 16 man bracket tournament, double elimination tournament.
-top 6 individuals place
-3 team trophys
-most valuable award
-top officiating and hospo room
-currently looking in to live streaming options on track

Our goal is to model this after the old Licking Heights tournament of the late 80's /early 90's... old school 16 man bracket double elimination tourney, and continuously add high performing teams each year. If you have 3 points left after the recent shutdown of Ironman, or are still looking to finish your schedule and this weekend open, please reach out immediately to Nick Christopher at:

We are between located physically between Hilliard and Marysville and not far from Dublin, so plenty good of hotel options. Current commitments (with a few invites still out) are: Jonathan Alder, West Jeff, Licking Valley, Buckeye Valley, Fairbanks, Kenton Ridge, Westerville Central, Madison Plains, St.Xavier and Watterson.
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