It's time to start talking CC


I'll start. The 2023 season merits some chatter. It's all we've got right now.

B. Tiegtmeier ((W. Salem Northwestern, SR) had no one to race him in the D2/3 race at Ashland today. Fluid and even through the whole race, which was the hottest race of the day, and it looks like he would've won the D1 race convincingly, as well. Thank god for the breeze. It'll be interesting seeing him at Smithie Invite (U. Akron - Wayne) on Tuesday, which is a deceptively hard course that Kaleb Nastari scorched last year. He's got great coaching (Brent Martin) in his corner.

K. Carr (Smithville, SO.) broke free from the admirably hard pursuit of Tess Schulz (Loudonville, JR) after the mile mark, and set down the dominant girls' performance regardless of division.

I'm not sure about some of the other teams, but Wooster and New Phila were both running 2-3 guys short-handed in the boys races.

I covered 7.5 miles coaching that meet between my sons' races and my teams' races. Ashland always makes you work for it, one way or another.
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