It Was Time For A Change In OHSAA Leadership

It Was Time For A Change In OHSAA Leadership
This so-called "journalism"is trash! Axe to grind.
The author doesn't have the balls to attach his name to the article. Who does that? A coward who wants to throw darts from the dark,
And then the author cites 7 articles as evidence to make his point. All 7 articles are linked to the same website and again, with no author listed to any of the 7 articles. So, in other words, this author is likely citing himself as evidence. That's crap. And I glanced through a couple of the 7 cited articles and the author makes stupid claims. For example, he blames the OHSAA (and therefore Snodgrass) that a kid that transferred to Spire Academy was eligible to play. And the OHSAA clearly has no authority of a non-member school. This is just stupid stuff from an author who has no class or balls to even attach his name to these articles.


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I agree with Flight Crew. Just because you are good guy and nice and all that does not mean you are a good executive and exercise good judgement. Sometimes leadership calls for a little the leader to be a little ruthless. I don't Mr. Snodgrass was a ruthless enough.


As usual.... When a story breaks, the rumors run rampant from people who have an axe to grind. Even with facts in hand, they'd still repeat the rumors as fact.

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