It’s official- John Demarco to take reigns at CF Northwest


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👍🏼 Great offensive coach. Will be able to put together a solid staff. Overall a good hire. Glad to see him back at the helm.
That’s great to hear. There is a lot of talent at Northwest for the next few years..I have a feeling some of the coaches on the current staff are probably a bit nervous right now.


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Congratulations to Northwest on a great hire. Not only a good coach but a good man as well . Congratulations to Coach DeMarco it is good to see him back as a Head Coach. I was disappointed with how things ended for him at Louisville and wish him good luck at Northwest.
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Has a GREAT resume. 20 years at Louisville & 10 years at Lake, 4 final four trips. Impressive.

Only concerns I would see is that's he's coached forever (read that he retired from teaching), but only been HC for 9 years at one school. Probably nothing, but that's kind of odd.

Secondly, and most important in this case, why did Joe Harbour resign? When he left Norwayne it was due to a family illness. Hoping there's nothing like that this time. But if it's not a personal matter, what kind of "stuff" is he trying to get away from? Especially considering the talent they have coming back. (Although already hearing rumors of transfers)


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It will be the same story as always. The Northwest community eats its own. He will fall victim to politics just like the past few coaches there. Northwest should always dominate the PAC because they have the talent pool and the resources to recruit the surrounding districts for even more talent but they always fall short because of the sharks swimming around the Tuscarawas through Canal Fulton.