'Into the Wild' bus removed from Alaska backcountry


Go Buckeyes

An abandoned bus in the Alaska backcountry, popularized by the book “Into the Wild” and movie of the same name, was removed Thursday, state officials said.

The decision prioritizes public safety, Alaska Natural Resources Commissioner Corri Feige said.

The bus has long attracted adventurers to an area without cellphone service and marked by unpredictable weather and at-times swollen rivers. Some have had to be rescued or have died. Christopher McCandless, the subject of the book and movie, died there in 1992.


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When are they going to tear down the Andes mountains? Plenty of people get killed their every year


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repeating the same jokes, particularly so ubiquitously does get kind of boorish.

as for the bus, they should have left it as an experiment in Darwinism (see, that's old but hasn't been used in weeks, probably). :D