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Hello All,
I assign basketball officials for a league in Stark County. Basketball, like most other sports, is in great need of adding new officials to our sport. It is a great part time job with flexible days and hours. You can generally work as much, or a little, as you wish. You won't be able to quit your full-time job, but the pay isn't bad and you will meet great people in the officiating and coaching community!! I am here to help guide anyone who is interested to the proper channels necessary to get your officiating permit. Obviously, I am MOST interested in adding to my officiating pool for my league in Northeast Ohio, but I would be more than happy to guide ANYONE through the process.
If you would like more information or have any questions, you can message me on yappi or, better yet, shoot me an email.

Thanks much!
Curt Hamilton


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Good luck to you sir. If I were anywhere near Stark, not nearly blind and had good judgment, I'd definitely accept your gracious invite.

I think people are too exposed to the negative attention officials get. I'm not sure there are many young people see this site? Do they know the positives? Meeting people. Community. I think these are a start. It's really a shame that officiating isn't a part of our phys ed curriculums or can't be used to fulfill that credit. I don't recall kids being chosen to officiate beyond maybe net judge in volleyball.