Huber Heights Wayne game thread 2019/2020


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Huber Heights Wayne

2-1 (1-0)

(all games at approximately 7:30 except when noted)

11/30/19 @ Columbus DeSales (played at Gahanna Lincoln) 3 PM ........ LOST 67-75
12/06/19 vs Beavercreek ........................................................................................... WON 48-43 OT
12/07/19 @ Vandalia Butler 6................................................................................... WON 54-50
12/10/19 vs Fairmont
12/13/19 @ Centerville
12/20/19 @ Springfield
12/23/19 vs Ponitz
12/28/19 @ Detroit Renaissance (played at Lima Sr)
12/30/19 vs Columbus Independence
01/03/20 vs Northmont
01/04/20 @ Dunbar
01/10/20 vs Trotwood
01/14/20 @ Moeller
01/16/20 @ Miamisburg
01/18/20 @ Grayson Georgia (played at Trent Arena) 8:15 pm
01/24/20 vs Lebanon
01/25/20 vs Olentangy Liberty
01/31/20 @ Beavercreek
02/04/20 @ Fairmont
02/07/20 vs Centerville
02/11/20 @ Springboro
02/14/20 vs Springfield


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Roster is posted on GWOC site. Looks like Wayne has some good size. One named that jumped off the page is 6’7 sophomore Aamil Wagner. Wonder if he is related to Ahmad Wagner? Maybe a little brother?


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Only 2 seniors on the team and only 1 of them played last season. The JV team was pretty good last year so it may be a learning curve in the beginning and ending up to be a pretty good team by season end.


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CDS defeated Wayne 75-67

Wayne 15 15 21 16 - 67
CDS .... 27 21 17 10 - 75

Scoring for Wayne: Curry 16, Rice 13, Palma 12, Cammon 10, Hill 4, Brown 4, Fancher 3, Boles 3, Orwig 2

up next is the home opener against Beavercreek this Friday


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Wayne defeated Beavercreek tonight 48-43 in over time.

Beavercreek 15 07 04 11 06 - 43
HH Wayne .. 10 10 11 06 11 - 48

Wayne scoring: Curry 15, Boles 8, Rice 8, Fancher 7, Hill 4, Brown 3, Lankford 3

Wayne found themselves down by 10 in the 2nd qtr. A Curry dunk started the comeback. Wayne would take the lead early in the 3rd and would not lose it the rest of the game. Wayne struggled at the charity stripe allowing Beavercreek back in the game. With the game tied Beavercreek had a chance for a last second shot to win the game but Wayne forced a turnover but missed a layup at the buzzer. Wayne would get a steal late in overtime to preserve the win 46-43. Wayne travels to Vandalia Saturday to take on Butler.

edit: OK, I guess Fancher's dunk at the end of the game actually counted so I will edit in those points....
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Wayne defeated Vandalia Butler 54-50 tonight....

HH Wayne....11 07 19 17 - 54
Vand-Butler 08 14 08 20 - 50

Scoring for Wayne: Fancher 15 Curry 10 Palma 6 Hill 5 Boles 5 Rice 5 Brown 5 Cammon 3

Butler played most of the game in a zone and early on Wayne would struggle with it by settling for three's but a couple did hit as both Rice and Curry would connect. Wayne would lead 11-8 after 1. Wayne would lose that lead in the 2nd as they would only manage 7 points in the qtr. Bulter lead 22-18 at the break.

Wayne attacked the zone much better in the 3rd and quickly eliminated the deficit and built a 7 point lead. Fancher would hit a pair of three's, Cammon and Palma off the bench would also connect from behind the arc. Wayne up 37-30 after 3. Butler was pesky and made a game of it late but Wayne would make the free throws down the stretch. A deep last second 3 by Butler would make the final 54-50.

Up next for Wayne is a home game against Fairmont.

Wayne JV team also won beating Butler 61-32