How will Covid-19 affect the basketball season?


Let the kids play. If you don’t want to go to the games then don’t go. Let people make their own decisions.
If masks were the answer the numbers would be dropping- they aren’t- kids are basically immune from this being anything dangerous to them anyway.


Watching a news story and it said that with a vaccine we can achieve herd immunity fairly quick. My thought is, if you've had the virus then why the need for a mask?


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Akron Public Schools are “pausing” all Winter sports at least until mid December. The “except for a small number of non league games” must be to placate Buchtel with the Livingstons and the Michigan transfer.

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I think the whole state is on pause til December 18th and hopefully basketball can be back on
News to me.

Kids must be lying about practice and scrimmages and this fake ticket to the game this weekend.

Wait until he gets home from school........get out the switch!