How much weight have you gained during COVID


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Has anyone else become a fat boy during covid? I know I am working from home and have packed them on during this time. I also am not going to the gym either.

How much weight have you gained?


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About 15 lbs so far. However, I'd lost about 40 over the previous 8 months, so I'm still better than what I was.


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I’ve actually lost a few. I have a lot more time on my hands so exercising more.

I have been drinking more alcohol though and sleeping in on the weekend which in the long run are usually not good habits.


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I lost 10 lbs while the gyms were closed, despite eating like s**t. I’m back to around 175 now despite reverting back to moderately healthy eating.


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My brother says he has lost 14 pounds. I told him I found them.

All muscle, of course. :)

Summers past, I have walked in the evening. This year, I decided not to fight the heat and humidity. Heat slipping away, humidity not so much.

Bad decision. But, I'm going to do better!

Thanks for asking. :rolleyes:

Mr. Slippery

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Lost b/w 5 and 10 lbs.

1. Making do at home with what few weights I had cost me some muscle mass which still hasn't all returned.

2. I started riding bikes more which had a 2-pronged effect: I burned more calories, and with all the time in the saddle, there wasn't much free time left for snacking and longer leisurely meals to replace all the calories burned.

3. Didn't eat any fast food from late Feb. until late July.

Without fast food and heavy weightlifting, I struggle to keep body weight on as it is.


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At the beginning of covid, I completed my home gym in late March and now lhave done more lifting than ever. I’m always pretty careful with diet being a t-1 diabetic (it’s actually been a blessing being a diabetic as I’ve been weighing food and tracking macros since my teens, so it’s just second nature now) and continued to eat at a surplus over the summer to bulk as I reduced cardio. I’m up 8 lbs, which is satisfying as I’m usually a hard gainer. Targeting a 50 miler in Colorado next fall and the plan is to get stronger to actually finish one of these with something left in the tank.


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I'm down about 25. Went gluten free for a health reason, and just skipping all that bread makes a huge difference. Plus working from home, no donuts and bagels in the office to tempt me. Walking more since I've been working at home too.


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Down two pounds over the past two weeks. Snacking on cuke and pepper slices in the evening. Need to cut out those late night pb&j sandwiches. :)