Homeland: Season 3

Another solid episode. Especially since no Dana!

My suspicions are being confirmed with Quinn. There's a whole other side to him that we are about to learn.

This season continues to pick up steam.
Yea, Quinn is a bad . Hope he doesnt turn into a carrie type character. I hope he and Saul continue to team up even though Quinn says hes done.
Another very good episode in my opinion. Carrie and the pregnancy storyline could potentially be very annoying. Also pisses me off how she always seems to almost screw everything up. Quinn gave her every chance to stop before he shot her. Not sure how Sauls wife and her affair are going to play into this with the phone tapping but we'll see
Very solid episode. Seems risky putting Brody back in play AGAIN, especially with carrie knocked up and likely to spill the beans to everyone and f everything up like usual. Hope Quinn offs brody. Be interesting to see how Saul keeps holding off the senator. Thoughts?
This season is really picking up. However, I need to quit watching them after work. I missed the last half of 2 weeks ago and didn't realize it until I saw the "previously on Homeland..." on this week's episode. :wallbang:
Dana actually had a part in the meaningful story line of the show. Now that's over and she go back to cleaning the motel rooms and never be seen again .
Watched it again. Awesome episode. Was interesting how in the heat of the moment Brody was fully back in survival mode and kickass mode. Carrie still drives me insane.
Thought Carrie screwed everything up only for Brody to follow through with killing akbari. For a minute, I thought Quinn was going to have to kill Carrie and Brody.

Great ep
Not really a great finale at all. Some totally unbelievable scenes like another capture in the desert by the Iranians turning their lights on. Couldn't the writers have come up with something original?

Brody is gone, kaput, where does this series go now? Bringing up baby? I never bought into this final season Homeland.
This season was mediocre. It started slow, then picked up the last few episodes. Then the finale was kind of a let down. The Brody death had to happen. But why were we subjected to the Dana storyline for so long this season. It had no point.
This show crashed and burned.

I can't say I disagree with this. Season 3 was actually building and working toward something that could have been pretty great...

...and then the finale happened. Wow. Total letdown. Brody dead. Saul retired. I mean, I don't even know where they can go with it at this point.