Homeland: Season 3


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I couldn't find the original thread, so I'll start a new one.

I was a little disappointed with this episode. One of my favorite arcs has always been the relationship between Carrie and Saul and how Saul always cared for her while giving her the straight truth. Now they are plotted against one another.

I think I have to go back and watch this episode again because it was late last night and I'm pretty sure I dozed off for a couple minutes. I know my attention wasn't there.
I was disappointed as well, but I guess the first episode had to tie up some loose ends and get us headed in a new direction, so it should be somewhat expected.
Can't fault Saul for covering all bases. He basically threw Carrie under the bus just in case her mental issues were leaked in the papers like her relationship with Brody. Smart move to get out ahead of any further leaks.
I'll be honest, Carrie mostly just annoys me now. She's so erratic it seems she never doing anything other than btching and whining and going crazy. I really hope this show doesn't go down hill.
thought the episode was very good and the twist of Saul throwing Carrie under the bus was intriguing.
Tonight's episode was very good. Interesting new arcs with Quinn and the new specialist analyzing the money.

They could write the Brodys out of the show tomorrow and I wouldn't miss them.
Very slight improvement from the first episode, overall the combo of the two grades out to about a D for me. Extremely disappointing.
I thought this episode was better. Each ep jas gotten better this season IMO. Although it hasnt been much and its far from where we're used to it being. I don't know how they got so bad so fast either. Wish we would see more of Quinn though. This chick from ep 3 could bring some good storylines potentially.
This ep was also better than the last. Still a tad too much Dana, but im not as upset about it as some people are. Still wish we would see more Quinn. Like Mike being involved again. I was slightly confused about the final scene in this ep, but it sounds like this whole storyline of carrie being in the mental hospital is a plan that Saul put in motion. If it is, idk how much longer Carrie can stay strong and not break from the pressure. Actually excited for next weeks episode now.
Agree, DR. I'm glad there's finally a twist to get behind. I was even thinking that might be the case when she first was visited by the lawyer.

But I don't think it was the plan from the beginning. I think Carrie's dad reached out to Saul as she asked and he responded to her "i'll do whatever" plea to stay out of the hospital.

Either way, they've finally turned it up for the season last night.
:laugh: i dont hate her with the passion most people do. apparently shes been just ripped apart on her social media which is wrong since she isn't the one deciding how much shes shown. Its not even that shes a bad actor. they just hate her storylines.
My faith was restored after Sunday's episode. Great plot twist at the end. I didn't see it coming. And put me in the "I wish Dana would have succeeded at suicide" camp.
The thing with Dana that blows my mind is that her side-story does NOTHING to move the overall story along. At least to this point it's entirely inconsequential to anything substantial happening. Makes no sense to me why they continue to give her so much time.
My faith was restored after Sunday's episode. Great plot twist at the end. I didn't see it coming. And put me in the "I wish Dana would have succeeded at suicide" camp.


I thought the first 3 episodes were very poorly done and I was actually following asleep on parts of the 2nd/3rd episodes.

Dana is beyond annoying on the show and this "story" is just plain dumb and worthless to the overall plot of the show.

The most recent episode was great (besides Dana) and the plot twist was fantastic. Hopefully more of this in the future and less of the emo girl storyline.
This was another very solid episode. Another curveball with the apparent director to be of the CIA. Wonder what Saul is gonna do about it. Carrie being taken seems like what Saul wanted, but Quinn seems to be growing weary to some of their moves. Excited to watch next weeks
Good episode. I found myself talking to the television "Nooo" when Carrie flushed her meds. Watching her set up for future failure drives me nuts.

I was completely blindsided by the news of the new CIA director. That totally sucks, and I fully expect Saul to have a few things up his sleeve between now and the appointment.

As much as I hate the Dana arc, I'm glad to see her stick to her morality and turn herself in.

Quinn...well...I really like him, but no one really knows his MO. I still think he's a huge wildcard and the more they can get him on the screen the better.
I agree BCB. I was talkin to myself when carrie flushed her meds. I was just thinkin shes such an idiot. Its almost more annoying to me when she does crap like this than the dana storyline.

I agree Saul has a few tricks up his sleeve, and Quinn needs to be featured a lot more than he is.
Interesting story twist for Dana.

On to serious business. This was another very good episode IMO. I don't have much of an idea how that iranian killing the women plays into this, but maybe I just need to watch it again.

Anyone else have thoughts?
I'm glad Saul finally got to release a bit of anger and frustration at the end. I don't know how he has the restraint. His whole world has gone to crap. Only thing he really has left is his work and even that is precariously hanging.

What is up with Carrie and pregnancy tests? She keeps used ones, really? Dis Bia Be Cray. I think Quinn secretly wants to bang her.
dude going at his ex-wife with the broken bottle might have been one of the most disturbing things I have seen on TV.

it was awesome.