Hillsboro Varsity Shootout

Hillsboro High School will be hosting a 16 team varsity shootout Wednesday, June 30th. Each team is guaranteed 3 games followed by a sudden victory tournament. Cost is $175.

Teams already entered include: Leesburg Fairfield, Lynchburg-Clay, Hillsboro, Goshen, Hillsboro, Vinton County, and Peebles.

Contact Info: Brett Prince email: brett.prince@hillsboro-indians.org cell: 614-542-7686

We are looking for two teams to fill the shootout. We are currently at 14. Teams entered as of 3/30: Hillsboro, McClain, Washington Court House, Amanda-Clearcreek, Goshen, Vinton County, Fairfield, Western Latham, Eastern Pike, Peebles, North Adams, Hannibal River, Lynchburg-Clay, and Paint Valley.

If you are an official and would like to work for $25 a game, please contact me.