high school baseball history question


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Does anyone out there know if baseball was ever a fall sport in Ohio?

I have a friend doing some digitizing of old records for some local schools and some of the info seems to point towards some season in the 40s and 50s being played in the fall.

Anyone have any idea?


Not officially, however, during the war years things could have been adjusted due to the restrictions placed on the general public during that time. All of the box scores I've seen has had them played in the spring.
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I know that there were years that we played games in the spring and in the fall in about that time frame. I would say his info is correct.


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Asked my dad last night. He played in the late 50s. He said that since very few schools around here had football that they did play some games in the fall and then some more in the spring. He couldn't remember if the fall games counted toward the following spring records....or league standings, but they were "real games". The tournament was in the spring.