How do you improve outfield velocity can you send me drills to do I’m only @70 right now I lift a lot I dead lift 425 lbs.


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Long toss


Stretch thoroughly after any lifting. You can position your body next to a door jamb, and by pinning all sides of your wrist or elbow against it at different heights and twisting your body, you can isolate and elongate most any muscle group in your upper body.
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Lifting may not be helping that much. Stretching and staying flexible is more important. Nothing will help as much as long toss.
To piggyback on the long toss.
Air it out on the way out.
Pull down and throw bullets on the way back in.

Your not going to throw 85 over night (if ever). This is going to take time.


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Long toss and throw hard like baseball fan says. Weight lifting is helpful but you have to get the long muscle fibers strong.