Hazing Incidents

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SO where are we on scale of 1 to 5. 1 being basically nothing happens and season and Moore go on; and 5 being Moore fired, every last student who was involved in "attack" or shared the video (basically child porn?) is suspended or expelled.

And you can't pick 3. That's cheating, lol.

I'll withhold my vote for now.
is 3.5 allowed 🧐
If they are required to be there by the coach then you are correct. If a kid shows up at 7am when told to be there at 8am or an hour after practice ended, what he does during that hour is on him and his parents, not a coach. The implication that a coach is responsible the moment a kid steps on campus is flat wrong. There is a fine line today regarding Loco Parentis that courts are pushing back on. "In place of parents" implies that those in place of parents would have the same rights as said parents and the courts have said no to that over and over when it comes to privacy arguements and discipline. Now if these kids were required to be on campus and unsupervised, that's an issue. Since there are no confirmed details to this story, I'm reserving my judgement all together.
thats what we need to find out was there supposed to be adult supervision present or not?
Yes, that was the big f up basically, as far as Moore's culpability.
Probably an issue with his several calls to the police department to get copies of videos and such. The school was told to hold off on their title ix investigation until police were done. Bad look on the school if Moore was calling the police over and over to get info to "make sure we are punishing the right kids" because that means the school was clearly doing said investigation and Moore let the cat out of the bag to the authorities who asked them to hold off. Was he in the wrong? Probably not, but I'll bet it didn't go over well with the higher ups.
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Does police have authority to tell Massillon Schools they can't investigate?
I'd say no. I do know a Title IX investigation has to be done at the school. They have that obligation. I read the reports to say the police asked the school to hold off until their investigation was done, but I don't know if the school is obligated to do so. More likely (just a guess) the police didn't want their criminal investigation overlapping and they would be more narrow focused than the schools so it was a request, not a demand. Of course, that's not fact, just opinion on my part
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This is post #792.... c'mon now, things are slowing up.... gotta hit #800 today!!!!

I have noticed that several notorious haters have been conspicuous by their absence from this thread... However, there has been an influx of "new members" weighing in multiple times..... Hmmmmmm.... :unsure::unsure::unsure:
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I know this thread is about Massillon, but it sounds like there’s something afoot over in Wapakoneta as well. Don’t have a lot of info, but the WBL thread says they’ve cancelled some practices and 7on7s due to some incidents at camp.
This isn't a Massillon thread. It's a discussion about Hazing Incidents. No reason the situation at Wapakoneta can't be discussed here as well.
Thats probably why there are more than 750 posts on this thread.
I can’t stand mckinley and Michigan and the Steelers but these people take it to a whole new level. Then justify it by saying it’s how arrogant we are. How dare Massillon fans support the team…. 😂
What game are you coming to this season ?
Looking like week 5 this season against St. Edward. Should be a great atmosphere!

Good luck to both the Tigers and my Cougars this season!
The audacity of mck fans to post on this thread is completely asinine.
I mean, if you’re looking at it from a “glass houses” standpoint, ok. But that’s never stopped anyone on Yappi before. McKinley had a kid who was hazed by coaches and they were promptly fired. Not a lot of people from Canton were saying they were railroaded. Except for the loony lawyer they hired who still says that this was a positive way to motivate the young man. It’s an apples and oranges kinda thing from my perspective. What I see here is a lot of people arguing different things. Hazing is bad (it is) and shouldn’t be tolerated so the coaches should be fired. I’m not ready to go there. On the other hand you’ve got the “boys will be boys” argument (they will) and everyone should just let bygones be bygones. Really what’s at play here as it relates to Massillon coaches is the lack of supervision while kids were in the facility. So because of that, there is an ongoing investigation. The investigation may show that this incident was isolated and Moore and staff will be directed to make sure students are properly supervised at all times going forward and maybe some sort of discipline is imposed on him. Or, the investigation may show there are systemic issues in the program under Moore’s leadership, and with his behavior after this incident happened. It could show there’s more that has gone on that hasn’t been as public, and the district makes a change. That’s really the only two ways this is gonna go. And once the resolution comes down we can look forward to another 1k posts about whether it was right or wrong.
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