Has the Browns' next Head Coaching Search already begun, or could be we getting more Freddie ?


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Okay, say whatever you want, from hopping on "the Freddie Excuse Train" to "they still lost to two 3rd string QBs", but the Browns' schedule has been brutal. Compare the Browns' schedule to-date to the NFL's week 14 Power Rankings.

They will play the #1 a second time (after having beaten them once).

They have four games total against the top 3 teams.

They play 4 of the top 5 teams in 5 total games, and they played 4 of those games consecutively as part of a 2-6 start.

They play 9 games against 8 of the top 13 teams in the league.

They play 5 games against playoff teams from last year, including both Super Bowl teams.

They will play 9 games against 7 of the top 9 defenses, with an O-line that will likely have 3 of 5 new starters next year. (At least it should)

There has been some mystifying play-calling. Way too much for me to permit them to stand pat. There is a crushing lack of discipline on many levels. Way too much if the penalties continue. Now, most recently, a team that they whomped the hell out of 17 days earlier spots them a 10-0 lead after a quarter and a half, and then suddenly flips the script and pounds them. With a third string QB. Another bad loss.

That early schedule is still brutal. If they play near-perfect football the rest of the way, and only lose respectably to the Ravens in winning 3 of their last 4, I can't be surprised seeing Freddie return.

The lack of a real NFL QB coach this year has been and continues to be a seldom-mentioned but very-real-to-me problem. On injured reserve, is Stanton even in the room day-to-day ? Is there a QB coach hire that can become OC if Freddie is run out mid-season and Monken is elevated ? Is Todd Monken as HC something we really even want ? Wilks elevated, since it is pretty clear that the "pass-happy NFL" trend is fading fast ? The teams that win, year in and year out, are those that recognize changing defensive personnel/draft trends and tweak offense accordingly. The running game is back among the winners because they change gears after recognizing these teams can't defend it well. Is a defensive head coach OK if he checks the other boxes now ?

I can EASILY see the same undisciplined BS, stupid play-calling, and surprise losses creating the desire to fire Freddie mid-season if he returns. IF THAT happens, I don't see the guy I want stepping in to replace him employed on this current staff. So, is it another full season of Freddie if he returns ? The media will begin the drumbeat by at least game 4 next year if there is any disappointment in the fan base. Will replacing Monken or Wilks with a credible HC candidate ensure the call to fire Freddie mid-season ? The potential HC and/or DC/OC lists put the team on different paths. Do these facts and questions demand a complete reboot after the final game, regardless of how Freddie's Browns finish the season ?

I think Dorsey kind of put himself in a tough spot here, but I guess that depends upon the cut-off point for his decisions and Haslam's.


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At worst this team finishes 8-8 which is better than last season. They likely finish 9-7 and it will come down to tiebreakers.
They are cleaning up the penalties and I look for him to be back next year en route to a likely 10-12 win season next year IF they keep him.


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At worst this team finishes 8-8 which is better than last season. They likely finish 9-7 and it will come down to tiebreakers.
They are cleaning up the penalties and I look for him to be back next year en route to a likely 10-12 win season next year IF they keep him.
I think they probably win the Super Bowl next year. 13 wins without a doubt.


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While I wasn't a fan of hiring him, I think he deserves another year. Making judgements on one year seems unfair unless things are going horribly wrong.

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The Browns will lose to Arizona and Baltimore, possibly at Cincinnati. No victory is a sure thing. Freddie hasn't learned anything this season, or he wouldn't have panicked with passes in the second half, despite the fact that his team was getting blitzed constantly and that he had two premiere running back to go to. I don't expect anything will change with him.


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My guess is that they beat the Cardinals and the Bengals for three more wins. The Haslams want to slow down the coaching turnstile, so they hold on to him but force him to bring in an experienced disciplinarian as "vice principal"/quality control director. Someone a little older who has been successful as a head coach that can mentor Freddie and be the hardass with the players.


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This is what is wrong with the Browns .... the answer to their problems is always fire the coach ... lets just look at the other organization in our division, Baltimore had a chance to fire Harbaugh last year ... didn't and was rewarded with a great season. Pittsburgh had a chance to fire Tomlin ... didn't and was rewarded with maybe Tomlin's best coaching season ... in fact, Pittsburgh has been the model of consistency since the 1970's ... had a chance to fire Noll early on didn't was rewarded with 4 Super Bowls ... had a chance to fire Cowher, didn't was rewarded with a Super Bowl.

Just one time I would like to see the answer be NOT to fire the coach ... call him in after the season and sit down with him and have a heart to heart with him ... tell him, this is what you did right, and this is what we need to change(fix) .... for once try to have the answer come from within the organization instead of just starting all over, again, again, and again.