HapPy MondAy !!!

How do you feel about HapPy MondAy?

  • Rainy days and Mondays get me down and should be canceled. Now!!!

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  • Monday is okay and I like it as well as any other day of the week.

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  • I look forward to Monday and starting a new week!

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  • I love Monday wish there were two Mondays in every week!!!

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  • Uhh...is it Monday?

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I love my work and can't wait to get back to it on HapPy MondAy! 1601914413838.png

Do you (you!) feel like I do? Have a good day and an even better week!


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Mondays are like any day of the week for me...'cause I'm retired!

Mondays were fine when I was working at jobs that I liked. However, on jobs that I didn't like, the depression and anxiety actually started on Sunday night...so, yeah, Mondays sucked.