Happy International Men's Day (11/19/20)


Go Buckeyes
International Men's Day is commemorated across the world to celebrate significant contributions by the male population to society and to spread awareness about the issues that men face.

The main objectives of celebrating an International Men's Day include, focusing on men's and boys' health, improving gender relations, promoting gender equality, and highlighting male role models. The broader and ultimate aim of the event is to promote basic humanitarian values.


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sounds like one for the woke crowd. Expect the conserviclones here soon to declare "about time."

I have a day. I call it "birthday." All I need.


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I am alerting Mrs. Zunardo as we speak. There's gonna be a few changes around here .....
Good luck with that. She gonna equal right you into doing the laundry. When they smarter, wiser and smell better, don't argue with them. Just say it, "yes dear."