Great/Unique/Sad softball facilities


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Hey there,

The football forum had a great thread on unique or quirky football stadiums. I am wondering if any have thoughts on softball fields? Obviously softball doesn't have the same attraction as football, basketball, or even baseball but as I start getting into state high softball I notice some great facilities and some not so great. The only quirky one I see is on the college level where Ohio Dominican plays on a plateau (kind of) over the baseball field and Alum Creek. Watterson plays on a middle school field with no cages for the hitters to get work or pitchers to warm up...the large ped bridge over the railroad tracks has a quicky feel but it the field is average (at best) for middle school ball. Delaware, Pick North and Central have nice facilities as does Marysville. Any others stand out as noteworthy?


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Ashland's field is great. Probably the best field that I've seen. Firestone stadium is great too.


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Firestone Stadium is probably the best I have seen a HS team play on. I also like the Notre Dame College stadium, field turf for drainage but still dirt at home and in the circle; the also have a 4 foot high brick wall from dugout to dugout behind home plate which adds a nice touch. On the negative side I have seen many schools that have limited $s play on a men's slow pitch field, that really stinks.