Great Lakes Conference Week 10 Games


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Someone can correct me if I'm wrong, but I believe it's

1. Elyria Catholic vs. Holy Name/Buckeye winner

2. North Olmsted/Rocky River winner vs. Holy Name/Buckeye loser.

3. North Olmsted/Rocky River loser vs. Valley Forge

4. Bay vs. Normandy

5. Westlake vs. Lakewood

6. Fairview vs. Parma

If Holy Name and North Olmsted win, there would be four rematches from earlier this year in crossover play.

Edit: I guess technically the East order does come down to more than just HN/Buckeye but I'm going off the assumption that Valley Forge beats Lakewood and Normandy beats Parma. If Lakewood and Parma win I'm not exactly sure how it shakes out 3-6 on the East.
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