Governor DeWine Threatens To End D VII State Football Championship Game


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People are offering $100 for a ticket tonight on social media. Those ticket takers better have deep pockets in their coats tonight

Stirred not Shaken

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Nope that’s too much to ask for. There’s plenty of room to spread out instead they crammed towards the middle and now complain.
Because most people are smart enough to know that you are not going to catch a virus outdoors. Let the fans enjoy one day in this miserable year of covid. DeWine and the rest of you Covid cowards go s**** yourselves.


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If he stops the games the fans can only blame themselves.
Agree with the rules or not they are there, so follow them or pay the price.

Personal choices.

WE have been dealing with this for 9 months and everyone knows the 'dangers'. If they want to sit close to their friends, neighbors, relatives and people around town then so be it.

My Gawd, the Governor has gone mad.