Girls State Preview for Northeast Ohio Wrestlers


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I see on track wrestling has started for the lower weights. Any live streams? Track has a subscription that says Mat 1. Does that nean Only Mat 1?

ITC you guys doing a live feed. Link?


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Live viewing is on Trackwrestling. One $15 price for all 3 mats. They had a snafu at the beginning yesterday, but was fixed about 20 minutes into the tournament. Worked the rest of the time and should be good for today's 7 weight classes.


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Congrats to all the State Champions and Placewinners! A fantastic tournament!
High School - 101
Guaranteed Places
  • 1st Place - Hayley Snyder of Warren High School
  • 2nd Place - Riley Banyas of Elyria High School
  • 3rd Place - Makayla Young of Bellefontaine
  • 4th Place - Cali Lang of Big Walnut
  • 5th Place - Addison Rudolph of Central Crossing
  • 6th Place - Sadie Napier of Jonathan Alder
1st Place Match
  • Hayley Snyder (Warren High School) won by decision over Riley Banyas (Elyria High School) (Dec 3-0)
3rd Place Match
  • Makayla Young (Bellefontaine) won by major decision over Cali Lang (Big Walnut) (Maj 18-6)
5th Place Match
  • Addison Rudolph (Central Crossing) won by fall over Sadie Napier (Jonathan Alder) (Fall 1:44)

High School - 106
Guaranteed Places
  • 1st Place - Chloe Dearwester of Harrison
  • 2nd Place - Chelsea Horsley of Bellefontaine
  • 3rd Place - Emma Swart of Marysville
  • 4th Place - Kylee Bentley of Hubbard
  • 5th Place - Morgan Powell of Mechanicsburg
  • 6th Place - Savanna Johnson of Waverly
1st Place Match
  • Chloe Dearwester (Harrison) won by fall over Chelsea Horsley (Bellefontaine) (Fall 1:21)
3rd Place Match
  • Emma Swart (Marysville) won by injury default over Kylee Bentley (Hubbard) (Inj. 2:47)
5th Place Match
  • Morgan Powell (Mechanicsburg) won by decision over Savanna Johnson (Waverly) (Dec 2-0)

High School - 111
Guaranteed Places
  • 1st Place - Olivia Shore of Miami East
  • 2nd Place - Rita Carey of Brookville
  • 3rd Place - Rachel Elizondo of Fairfield High School
  • 4th Place - Alexa Donahue of Bethel-Tate
  • 5th Place - Sara Borton of Olentangy Orange
  • 6th Place - Molly Wells of Delaware Hayes
1st Place Match
  • Olivia Shore (Miami East) won by fall over Rita Carey (Brookville) (Fall 1:48)
3rd Place Match
  • Rachel Elizondo (Fairfield High School) won by decision over Alexa Donahue (Bethel-Tate) (Dec 5-0)
5th Place Match
  • Sara Borton (Olentangy Orange ) won by decision over Molly Wells (Delaware Hayes) (Dec 8-3)

High School - 116
Guaranteed Places
  • 1st Place - Cali Leng of Marysville
  • 2nd Place - Grace Jones of London
  • 3rd Place - Isabella Dibenedetto of Upper Arlington
  • 4th Place - Lexi Beadle of Boardman
  • 5th Place - Caitlin Retier of Greenon
  • 6th Place - Abbey Puckett of Clermont Northeastern
1st Place Match
  • Cali Leng (Marysville) won by decision over Grace Jones (London) (Dec 7-4)
3rd Place Match
  • Isabella Dibenedetto (Upper Arlington) won by decision over Lexi Beadle (Boardman) (Dec 13-7)
5th Place Match
  • Caitlin Retier (Greenon) won by decision over Abbey Puckett (Clermont Northeastern) (Dec 5-3)

High School - 121
Guaranteed Places
  • 1st Place - Josie Davis of Sidney
  • 2nd Place - Rachel Nusky of Badin
  • 3rd Place - Marcella Hatcher of Cleveland Central Catholic
  • 4th Place - Meredith Milligan of Delaware Hayes
  • 5th Place - Ayla Castin of Olentangy Orange
  • 6th Place - Kayla Phillips of Minerva
1st Place Match
  • Josie Davis (Sidney) won by decision over Rachel Nusky (Badin) (Dec 9-2)
3rd Place Match
  • Marcella Hatcher (Cleveland Central Catholic) won by fall over Meredith Milligan (Delaware Hayes) (Fall 2:00)
5th Place Match
  • Ayla Castin (Olentangy Orange ) won by fall over Kayla Phillips (Minerva) (Fall 4:53)

High School - 126
Guaranteed Places
  • 1st Place - Mallory Chunat of Alliance
  • 2nd Place - Carmela Castaneda of Defiance
  • 3rd Place - Kelcey Dew of Delaware Hayes
  • 4th Place - Kendra Hiett of Lakota West
  • 5th Place - Alexus Shaneyfelt of Liberty Center
  • 6th Place - Melania Szawranskyj of Westerville North
1st Place Match
  • Mallory Chunat (Alliance) won by decision over Carmela Castaneda (Defiance) (Dec 3-0)
3rd Place Match
  • Kelcey Dew (Delaware Hayes) won by fall over Kendra Hiett (Lakota West) (Fall 4:56)
5th Place Match
  • Alexus Shaneyfelt (Liberty Center) won by decision over Melania Szawranskyj (Westerville North) (Dec 4-0)

High School - 131
Guaranteed Places
  • 1st Place - Cassia Zammit of Miamisburg High School
  • 2nd Place - Sairra Tapp of Wooster
  • 3rd Place - Katie Vogt-shields of Buckeye High School
  • 4th Place - Elisa Reese of Western Brown
  • 5th Place - Natalie Bair of Miami East
  • 6th Place - Hailey Amador of Hilliard Bradley
1st Place Match
  • Cassia Zammit (Miamisburg High School) won by major decision over Sairra Tapp (Wooster) (Maj 12-1)
3rd Place Match
  • Katie Vogt-shields (Buckeye High School) won by fall over Elisa Reese (Western Brown) (Fall 1:50)
5th Place Match
  • Natalie Bair (Miami East) won by fall over Hailey Amador (Hilliard Bradley) (Fall 3:22)

High School - 137
Guaranteed Places
  • 1st Place - Allyssa Pirro of Lutheran West
  • 2nd Place - Meghan Werbrich of Taylor
  • 3rd Place - Lacie Reese of Western Brown
  • 4th Place - Rebekah Oladokun of St. Francis DeSales
  • 5th Place - Kloe Wulff of Napoleon
  • 6th Place - Kylee Tait of Warren High School
1st Place Match
  • Allyssa Pirro (Lutheran West) won by fall over Meghan Werbrich (Taylor) (Fall 4:00)
3rd Place Match
  • Lacie Reese (Western Brown) won by major decision over Rebekah Oladokun (St. Francis DeSales) (Maj 9-0)
5th Place Match
  • Kloe Wulff (Napoleon) won by decision over Kylee Tait (Warren High School) (Dec 5-3)

High School - 143
Guaranteed Places
  • 1st Place - Lizbeth Banderas of Norwood High School
  • 2nd Place - Marissa Meyer of Fairfield High School
  • 3rd Place - Zoë Hussar of Rossford
  • 4th Place - Karlie Stith of Salem
  • 5th Place - Katie Palmer of Marysville
  • 6th Place - Lila Mencer of Caledonia River Valley
1st Place Match
  • Lizbeth Banderas (Norwood High School) won by decision over Marissa Meyer (Fairfield High School) (Dec 6-4)
3rd Place Match
  • Zoë Hussar (Rossford) won by fall over Karlie Stith (Salem) (Fall 1:41)
5th Place Match
  • Katie Palmer (Marysville) won by major decision over Lila Mencer (Caledonia River Valley) (Maj 10-1)

High School - 150
Guaranteed Places
  • 1st Place - Sol Franco of New Lexington
  • 2nd Place - Sophia Smegal of Marysville
  • 3rd Place - Jayda Patrick of Alliance
  • 4th Place - Aiyana Tolliver of Waverly
  • 5th Place - Erin Martin of Walnut Hills High School
  • 6th Place - Jesse Foebar of Clermont Northeastern
1st Place Match
  • Sol Franco (New Lexington) won by fall over Sophia Smegal (Marysville) (Fall 4:47)
3rd Place Match
  • Jayda Patrick (Alliance) won by decision over Aiyana Tolliver (Waverly) (Dec 6-2)
5th Place Match
  • Erin Martin (Walnut Hills High School) won by fall over Jesse Foebar (Clermont Northeastern) (Fall 2:35)

High School - 160
Guaranteed Places
  • 1st Place - Alleana Brown of Logan
  • 2nd Place - Maia Crumb of Olentangy Berlin
  • 3rd Place - Isabell Carrington of Dayton Chaminade Julienne
  • 4th Place - Mercedes Motton of Bishop Watterson High School
  • 5th Place - Aubrey Reese of Marysville
  • 6th Place - Casey Homorody of Olentangy Orange
1st Place Match
  • Alleana Brown (Logan) won by decision over Maia Crumb (Olentangy Berlin) (Dec 7-4)
3rd Place Match
  • Isabell Carrington (Dayton Chaminade Julienne) won by fall over Mercedes Motton (Bishop Watterson High School) (Fall 4:44)
5th Place Match
  • Aubrey Reese (Marysville) won by fall over Casey Homorody (Olentangy Orange ) (Fall 4:28)

High School - 170
Guaranteed Places
  • 1st Place - Taryn Martin of Olentangy Orange
  • 2nd Place - Kaylee Griffith of Miami East
  • 3rd Place - Abi Miller of Western Brown
  • 4th Place - Bailey Hackett of Brookfield
  • 5th Place - Carmen Pape of Delaware Hayes
  • 6th Place - Olana Champan of Marysville
1st Place Match
  • Taryn Martin (Olentangy Orange ) won by fall over Kaylee Griffith (Miami East) (Fall 0:33)
3rd Place Match
  • Abi Miller (Western Brown) won by fall over Bailey Hackett (Brookfield) (Fall 2:44)
5th Place Match
  • Carmen Pape (Delaware Hayes) won by fall over Olana Champan (Marysville) (Fall 2:05)

High School - 189
Guaranteed Places
  • 1st Place - Savannah Isaac of Whitmer
  • 2nd Place - Ellie Harlow of Greeneview
  • 3rd Place - Payton Curley of Dover
  • 4th Place - Cheyenne Meade of Troy
  • 5th Place - Kayley Ross of Alliance
  • 6th Place - Annika Paton of Miami East
1st Place Match
  • Savannah Isaac (Whitmer) won by major decision over Ellie Harlow (Greeneview) (Maj 10-2)
3rd Place Match
  • Payton Curley (Dover) won by fall over Cheyenne Meade (Troy) (Fall 4:06)
5th Place Match
  • Kayley Ross (Alliance) won by decision over Annika Paton (Miami East) (Dec 8-1)

High School - 235
Guaranteed Places
  • 1st Place - Alaina Jackson of Minerva
  • 2nd Place - Karlie Harlow of Greeneview
  • 3rd Place - Ella Clum of Lancaster
  • 4th Place - Celina Nickell of West Union
  • 5th Place - Madeleine Wadesisi of Cleveland Central Catholic
  • 6th Place - Jessica Edwards of Harrison
1st Place Match
  • Alaina Jackson (Minerva) won by fall over Karlie Harlow (Greeneview) (Fall 2:22)
3rd Place Match
  • Ella Clum (Lancaster) won by fall over Celina Nickell (West Union) (Fall 2:25)
5th Place Match
  • Madeleine Wadesisi (Cleveland Central Catholic) won by fall over Jessica Edwards (Harrison) (Fall 2:44)


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1Marysville 131.5
2Miami East 103.0
3Olentangy Orange 95.0
4Delaware Hayes 62.0
5Harrison 58.0
6Alliance 57.0
7Western Brown 57.0
9Greeneview 51.0
10Bellefontaine 41.5
11Fairfield High School 41.0