I am only buying for my Mom and brother this year. I think I'm going to get my Mom a flatscreen TV as she has yet to upgrade to modern era televisions. And I think I might get my brother a tablet.

Getting? No clue...don't care really.
No idea, gonna be pretty low key year for giving as I don't have the funds I have in past years. I just told everyone in my family to go in together so I can upgrade my speakers/amp in my car and get a new head deck
My dad wants a couple of dress shirts and a new tie. Easy enough. My mother is difficult to shop for. Not sure what to get her. As for me, I never really ask for anything, but a new pair of boots would be nice. Also think I'm getting Arcade Fire tickets to the tour opener in Louisville. Excited for that.
Like desert boots?

I owned a pair of desert boots once, and I found them fairly uncomfortable. Not sure if it was the brand, but I'm not sure I'd go that route again.