Gen Z drivers say this gesture is a bigger insult than flipping the bird


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Gabrielle Deleon might only be 4-foot-6 — yet the 28-year-old social media manager can be an absolute lion in rush-hour traffic.

But she doesn’t display her road rage with her middle finger or by honking her horn.

In recent months, she’s been expressing her anger from behind the wheel with a thumbs-down.

“It’s much more impactful than giving the middle finger because it’s such a major sign of disapproval,” she told The Post. “It just hits different.”


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Somebody trying to make something that isn't a thing, a thing. Seriously, who is "Gabriell Deleon" and how was this person picked to be an expert in anything? The best thing about this article is it gives normal people someone to laugh at. Thumbs down.


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The same way you drove your buddies around in mom's station wagon, phone book and blocks.

Are phone books still a thing?
No. Phone books have ceased to exist for a few years in our area. We use old VHS tapes as booster seats for the grandkids. Any small final adjustments can be made with DVD'S we don't like or watch anymore. That gets it down to the closest 1/2 inch of height needed.