Gator Bowl - Ohio State vs. Florida

Clyde Frog

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Discuss the game here.

One of these teams will finish the season with a losing record. One will end an otherwise disappointing season on a high note. Either way, Urban Meyer will be mentioned a hundred times during the broadcast.

Go Bucks!


GO CATS!!!!!!!
As much as I want OSU to be embarassed by the SEC, that was not a fumble by Boom and the previous play was not a TD.


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Posey and Herron should not even be on this team, after their dual episodes of stupidity, the second of which tacked on the Failure to Monitor and opened the door to a bowl ban. Cannot wait to see Shugarts finally gone. The fact he's started for three years says a lot about OSU's lack of o-line depth and quality.

Other than when Elliot Uzelac was let go by Cooper, I don't think I've ever been happier to see coaches gone as I am to see Bollman and Heacock finally gone.