Garretsville Garfield player Ryan Brown injured in VASJ game.


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Last night a talented young man Ryan Brown was injured trying to prevent a fast break dunk by VASJs Alonzo Gaffney. I know a lot of conversation and trash talking takes place on this site (and I'm as guilty as anyone) but none of that matters when you see a kid get hurt. Seeing the concern on the faces or the parents, coaches, students and teammates puts everything into perspective. I know all of Viking Village is praying for a quick recovery for Ryan. Prior to getting hurt he had scored 11 points and was the main reason the first quarter was tied at 21. The Garfield team was not the same when he left on a stretcher. It was encouraging seeing him moving his extremities and giving the thumbs up sign. Get Well Soon.
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Its more typical of a team like Garfield, with all due respect. A team like Garfield doesn't have much depth and if a key player goes down, or even simply is not 100%, it is big loss for them. But my best wishes to the kid, and Ill be praying for a speedy recovery..
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