Garfield Hts. D-3 District Rankings #1


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I’ve started moving wrestlers around based off of where they wrestled in the off-season, Boro’s rankings, and some pure guesswork. Please let me know any changes that I should make on weights, teams, or divisions, if you have any inside information.

I love doing these rankings, but as it has been pointed out before, they are just for fun. To any wrestlers who read these and feel that they are ranked too low, you may be right.

I am bound to be wrong on many of the rankings, but fortunately they have absolutely no impact on how anyone will finish at any tournament this season or any other year.

* = unsure about participation or availability

1. Patrick Reineke- Hawken (8th state)
2. Landen Duncan- Chalker (2nd middle school state)
3. James Klingman- Berkshire (5th district)
4. Zach Lyons- Tuslaw (6th district)
5. Mason Amodio- Southeast (6th district)
6. Will Davidson- Kirtland
7. Grayson Hoover- Garfield
8. Cole Schulke- Columbia (5th middle school state 2018)

1. Nolan Frye- Cuyahoga Hts (3rd state)
2. Joey Bond- Newbury (6th district 2018)
3. Jake Richardson- South Range (7th Middle School State)
4. Hunter Frederick- Mapleton (6th district, 5th district 2017)
5. Amari Bowers- Conneaut
6. Jacob Hlifka- Hawken
7. Tyler Cathcart- (Ashtabula) St. John
8. Justice Fraley- Loudonville

1. Caleb Edwards- Rootstown (3rd, 3rd state)
2. Brett Szuhay- Crestwood (4th, 8th state)
3. Michael Markulin- South Range (SQ)
4. Jarrison Moore- Norwayne (SQ)
5. Hunter Andel- Garfield (4th middle school state)
6. Devyn Vanest- Tuslaw (5th middle school state)
7. Adam Samad- (Fairview Park) Fairview (6th district)
8. Josh Gibson- Rittman (5th district)

1. Jackson Reineke- Hawken (5th state)
2. Jacob Edelman- Pymatuning Valley (SQ)
3. Seth Unkefer- Waynedale (8th state)
4. Josh Ondash- Crestwood
5. Michael Prikryl- Rootstown (SQ 2018)
6. Jack Jewitt- (Fairview Park) Fairview
7. Trevor Meeker- Grand Valley (6th district 2018)
8. Jeremiah McKee- Wellington

1. Matt Kaufmann- (Fairview Park) Fairview (SQ)
2. Storm Stanley- Waynedale (6th district, SQ 2018)
3. Blake Rising- Mapleton (6th district 2018)
4. Adam Ryder- Tuslaw (SQ)
5. Aiden Morgenstern- Crestwood
6. Keshaun Clark- Rittman
7. Cody Coontz- Rootstown (7th middle school state)
8. William Campbell- Pymatuning Valley

1. Austin Shepherd- Norwayne (6th state)
2. Mason Kline- Rootstown (5th district)
3. Ryan Staton- Jackson-Milton
4. Joe Viront- Tuslaw (6th district)
5. Jacob McHood- Mogadore
6. Deagan Foster- Waterloo
7. Jake Starkey- South Range (5th middle school state)
8. Cory Stiffler- Orrville (6th district 2018)

1. Brier Marthey- Tuslaw (4th state)
2. Jeremy Tracy- Mapleton (SQ)
3. Jake White- Manchester (8th state 2018)
4. Wyatt Zimmerman- Orrville (SQ)
5. Dylan Milhoan- Southern (5th district)
6. Tate Geiser- Dalton (6th district)
7. Dylan Martin- (W.S.) Northwestern (SQ)*
8. Gabe Mathias- Waynedale (5th district 2018)

1. Nick Skye- Mogadore (6th state)
2. Chris Anderson- Rootstown*
3. Justin Sarge- Wellsville (6th district)
4. Austin Warwick- Orrville
5. Maison Martell- Smithville
6. William Pancake- South Range
7. Khalid Morales- Lutheran W.
8. Colt Edgar- Jefferson

1. Peyton Lemon- Waynedale (5th district)
2. Jerry Rose- Cardinal (6th district)
3. Donovan Palmer- Lutheran W.
4. Declan Jewitt- (Fairview Park) Fairview
5. Dalton Duvall- Rootstown
6. Logan Cormell- South Range
7. Jamie Kiousis- Black River
8. Brady Duvall- (W. S.) Northwestern

1. Sevi Garza- Rittman (4th, 7th state)
2. Ethan Ducca- (Ashtabula) St. John (2nd state)
3. Micah Hershberger- Waynedale (SQ)
4. Chase Keener- Smithville (5th district)
5. Connor Hrubik- Garfield (6th district 2018)
6. Ian McClintock- (Fairview Park) Fairview
7. Greg Eberhart- Tuslaw
8. Will Hardenbrook- (Columbiana) Crestview

1. Tyler Knight- Mogadore (SQ)
2. Lucas Stoddard- Berkshire (5th district)
3. Hunter Morris- Southern (6th district)
4. Chandler Keener- Smithville (6th district)
5. Kenny Crouch- Pymatuning Valley
6. Timothy Paxton- (Fairview Park) Fairview
7. Nathan Shaw- Waynedale
8. Carlton Miller- Chippewa

1. Kaden Kidd- Norwayne (7th state)
2. Mitch Sanders- Newbury (SQ)
3. Sam Lowe- Southern (6th district 2018)
4. Luke Clymer- Independence
5. Colt Slanczka- (W.S.) Northwestern (6th district)
6. Nathan Glinka- Cuyahoga Hts.
7. Aydan Hamrick- Tuslaw*
8. Spencer Mesaros- Southeast

1. Anthony Czap- South Range (6th state)
2. Noah Hoffman- Garfield (SQ)
3. Braeden Sears- Independence (5th district)
4. Cam Jordan- Waynedale (5th district)
5. Chase Cottrell- Grand Valley
6. Joe Conners- Cuyahoga Hts.
7. Austin Ryder- Dalton
8. Jeremy Bailey- Orrville (6th district)

1. William Lindsey- Hawken (SQ)
2. Ryan Elrod- (Ashtabula) St. John (SQ)
3. Coddie Phillips- Orrville (SQ)
4. Jeff Kusar- Kirtland
5. Simi Moananu- Liberty
6. Mason Shreve- Grand Valley
7. Seth Phillips- Western Reserve (Berlin Center)
8. Camron Carreras- Clearview (6th middle school state)

1. Waynedale
2. Rootstown
3. Tuslaw
4. Hawken
5. South Range
6. Fairview (Fairview Park)
7. Norwayne
8. Mogadore

A special thanks to Boro Fan for all the insight into the weights of the wrestlers, Baum’s Page and Jake’s Wrestling for all of the results that they provide, and to any of the other wrestling nerds that actually read these things.

-Max Pearce