Garfield Heights' Meechie Johnson, 2021, commits to Ohio State basketball


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Congratulations to this young man. I got to see him torch my Griffs last year. He was pretty quiet for about 3 and a half quarters and then Bam, he exploded on us!! Hitting everything he threw up.


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I saw this young man play a couple of years ago. What impressed me the most was that he has one of the purest forms for his jump shot that I have ever seen from a high schooler. I'm sure its a combination of good coaching as a youngster, a good portion of God-given talent, and a large dose of hard work on his part. But he is one of those few players that whenever he shoots the ball, you expect it to go in.
Listening to Sonny talk about doing it this year instead of next, this might have something to do with his age. He does play up in AAU, an age group above most classmates.