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Go Buckeyes
Didn't get to watch the whole game but what I saw told me that both teams needed another week of practice. Some absolutely horrible football in that game.

The last drive had two fumbles by the Miami QB. Two pass interferences (nearly 3) on Florida for first downs on very long plays (4th and 34??). Miami's QB apparently was a redshirt-Freshman. I have to question how good Tate Martell is at QB if he couldn't beat him out or how good the Miami coaching staff is to make that decision. One or both can't be very good.


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Dont forger two fumbles that were recovered by Miami on that final drive

I think he will be pretty good before it is all said and done. Two freshman on the offensive line didnt help and he held onto the ball too long. But I agree if Tate was worth anything he should be able to beat him put currently.

Neither team wanted to win, ugly game, especially the last 5 minutes. Shame someone had to win.

Felipe Franks celebrating after kneeling for the final play was funny. Dude tried his hardest to lose that game.


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Terrible quality of play. Agree that both teams looked like they needed another week or two of prep.

Tathaniel has to be pretty bad to not be able to beat out the guy Miami currently has starting at QB.


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I stayed up for the Hawaii vs Arizona game at first just to see if my Over would hit. It ended up being one of the strangest, most entertaining games I've ever watched. Since I didn't have a dog in the fight I was rooting hard for OT. Even 5 OTs so the new rules came into play. And to just have it end on the 1 yard line was perfect. I love football.


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DTR is not a good QB. That was one of the worst QB performances I’ve seen from a P5 starting QB in a long time. 8/24 passing an two fumbles where the ball just slipped out of his hands. I think the Refs blew that fumble call late, but UCLA did themselves in.


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Even though UCLA was projected to be at most a 6-7 win team, this loss is not a good look for the Pac 12. They need solid performances from Utah and Oregon to help at least begin rebuilding their image.


Utah managed to pull away late but rivalry games are tough to judge.

Without a strong USC, the PAC12 has very little prestige about it. It’s at best positioned between the Big 12 and ACC
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That Auburn kid really writing a legacy.

Not sure what to expect with Houston-Oklahoma.

Looking forward to The Cinci vs. Ohio St.


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Not a good weekend for the SEC.
Not a good weekend for the SEC.

On first glance this is true but if you look under the hood it was a great week for the SEC which sucks if you're hoping for a change in college football. What makes me say it was a great week? All the top teams in the SEC won convincingly or beat another very good team.:

* The top 5 SEC teams all won. I doubt anyone cares that much about Missouri losing to Wyoming of Tennessee losing to whoever.

* Bama started slow but in the end blew away Duke. They look as strong as ever.

* Georgia won going away

* LSU annihilated Southern Georgia but the real story is the evolution of the LSU passing game. The Tigers brought in the Saints QB coach and he's installed the NO passing attack at LSU. Burrow looked outstanding 24 - 28 with 5 TD's. If you go back to the end of last season in his last 5 games Burrow has thrown 15 TD's & 1 INT. LSU may actually be the best team in the SEC. Of course this weeks game at Texas will go a long away towards proving this right or wrong. But the Tiger defense looks very good and if that offense is real LSU will be a tough out for anyone.

* Florida had to work to beat Miami but that is a rivalry game.

* Auburn beat a higher ranked Oregon team on a neutral field. And the legend of Bo Nix was born. Now you know damn well that the media, which is already biased in the SEC's favor, is going to go nuts touting this kid.

Bottom line though is that with Auburn's win the SEC already has a marque win over a top team in another Power 5 conference. If LSU beats Texas that will be two SEC marque wins over top teams from other Power 5 conferences. The SEC should be able to ride that to getting one and maybe two teams in the playoffs. It sucks but it is what it is.

So overall I think it was a great week for the SEC where it mattered.


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The Pac 12 had a pretty horrific weekend. Oregon’s Loss was devastating. Even USC and Stanford lost their QB in ugly wins. Washington looks like their only hope for a playoff team.

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Nebraska with an early choke of the year candidate. Outscored 31 to 14 over the last 17 minutes of the game and lose in OT by a FG.


Buffalo ramming the ball down Penn State’s throat early. 12 of the first 16 minutes of possession. Just picked up a 3rd and 18. Could be trouble for the PSU defense later in the game