Game Report/Article Greenup County 26 West Carter 17


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Friday night I made the drive to East Carter High School to watch the battler between The Musketeers from Greenup County and the very young Comets from West Carter.
Though this was a grid game both teams seemed to want to come out with the win, but I believe neither team showed their complete playbook, even though West Carter pulled off a double handoff with a pitch back to the quarterback, that went for a very long gain.

The crowd was a decent size but I would say smaller than in the past year, that I have taken this event in. Some construction on a bridge very close to the stadium had to have played a part in this. I would go as far as to say that there were more factors, but that would be pure speculation on my part.

Just :40 seconds into the game super Sophomore,Leetavious Cline took off on a nice eight yard gain.The drive, however fizzled out after the Comets gained a total of twenty six yards,running nine plays. On the drive they showed good balance, with four passes five runs.

Greenup county would get a twenty five yard run from Dalton Halsted,who proved to be a thrown in the sides of the Comets all throughout the game.
Quarterback Eli Simmons would pick up six yards on a nice run, with 4:37 left in the opening quarter. Junior back Bryce Burgess used some nice work from his line to pick up close to twenty yards, with 4:16 left in the quarter. The eleven play ninety two yard drive was capped off on a short run from Burgess, with 3:33 showing on the clock. A two point conversion pass was tipped by Freshman Blake McGlone of the Comets,leaving this a 6-0 Greenup County lead.

West Carter was unable to do much on their next possession and lined up to punt, and this is where they got their first big break Greenup County was flagged for running into the kicker. The Comets though did nothing to take advantage of their break and again punted the ball away a short time later.

With 22.3 seconds left in the quick moving opening quarter Sammons would be sacked by the Coments Dylan McGregor for a seven yard loss.
The quarter came to an end, with the Greenup County leading 6-0.

West Carter came out in the second quarter and immediately looked like a different team, First thing that showed this happened just ten seconds into the quarter. After Halstead made a catch, he was plowed into the ground for a nine yard loss by McGregor. The senior, I believe, is in for a big season from the defensive side of things.
Just :45 later a sack on Sammons by McGregor resulted in a safety and made this a 6-2 game. If Big Mac can get this kind of play from himself and he has the want to play next season in college, he should have no problems, barring he has done his work in the classroom.

As I mentioned in my post on this very website,West Carter went to their bad of tricks, a flea flicker, with 10:50 left in the half and the result was a Christian Rivers to Bryan Parson for a thirty eight yard score. Rivers was as open as a receiver could be, as thee defense was completely fooled.After a two point conversion run from Rivers, this was a 10-6 West Carter lead. At times Rivers looked hurried in throwing the ball and maybe even a little unsure of himself, but when it came to running he looked poised and very sure of his decision.

Sophomore Kelston Dummit would sack Rivers for a five yard loss, at the 7:59 mark of the quarter. From there the drive would die out as th defense remained strong.
At this point Greenup was in dire need of a big play, really a big series from their defense and they delivered in a nice way.

West carter would need just five plays to go forty nine yards to make this a 17-6 game.The score came on a twenty eight yard run from Cline. This kid can become big time, if he puts in the work over the next two years and can also get it done in the classroom. Hopefully he is the self motivated kind, who can handle a push or two from those around him.Issac Bond was the kicker, who booted the point after kick.

With 2:25 left in the half Greenup County started to take over. The injuries/cramps that plastered the Comets helped cause this. I believe Bryan Parsons,Cline and McGlone all missed all or most of the game from this point on. To get this shift in momentum started Halstead powering his way to a twenty yard run. Then with 1:48 showing on the clockBryce Burgess picked up twenty six yards. From there Sammons hooked up with Patrick Kelly for a fifteen yard score.Halstead made good on a two point conversion run, to make this a 17-14 game, wth 1:14 left in the half.

The Comets got a big play from from Rivers to Parsons, that went for twenty six yards, with 19.5 seconds left in the half.
The final big play of the half came in the form of a sack on Rivers by the MusketeersEric Lawson.

Just to clarify the third quarter was the only quarter of the half, for the varsity as the final frame is a running clock for the JV teams.
With 11:07 left in the contest Rivers hooked up with McGlone for a twenty eight yard gain. McGlone,if he can stay healthy should have a fantastic Freshman season.
The drive ended just a short time later, with the Greenup County defense rising to the occasions.

At the 9:50 mark of the quarter Halstead picked up seventeen yards as he used some work by his line and more of his power. The kid can play.
Sammons connected with Austin Clarkson on a nice pass play, that picked up around twenty five yards. Halstead looked rabbit quick on his next run and he threw in some of his power as he picked up another twenty five yards. Halstead ended the eight plays,fifty eight yard drive, with a five yard run. His line had taken over at this point,making the score easily . A two point run from Halstead was stopped, leaving the score 20-17 Greenup County, with 7:38 left.

A pick six by the Musketeers Isaac Massie iced the game, with 3:11 left. The point after try from Ian Miller was missed leaving this a 26-17 Greenup County lead.
After making the pick the Junior used some nice field vision and speed to get into the end zone.

Nate Taylor would take down Tristan Jordan of the Comets for a short loss, with 1:46 remaining in the game.
Sammons would complete two passes and be sacked all in the last 29.7 of the game. The first completion went to Sean Tucker, for fourteen yards, and the second one was to Patrick Kelly for thirteen yards. The sack came from McGregor and Gavin Gibson.


PASSING 12-17 1 TD