Future of scoreboards in HS basketball - Fully digital scoreboards?

Mr. Slippery

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Reminds me of my old high school football scoreboard clock when I was in grade school. I could tell time on a regular clock in the first grade, but could never figure out how to read the football dial with respect to time left.

Found a learning video on one of these scoreboards. The basketball display looks pretty traditional and is easily visible. Running the controller on a laptop (starts at 1:30 mark) is another matter. Maybe the whippersnappers will catch on quick, but I'm guessing there's a significant learning curve for traditional board operators, especially starting/stopping/resetting the shot clock with the mouse:

The one I saw was controlled via a tablet, so it was all touch-screen based. There may have been a separate remote for starting and stopping the clock. I wouldn't be shocked if there's a way to start and stop the clock via the space bar if operating with a laptop. The software for automated track and field timing systems has that feature.

Matt Goeller

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i believe there are at least 2 companies in ohio who work deals with local districts and small colleges for scoreboards for football and basketball facilities. The company provides the scoreboard and installation for a greatly reduced ( sometimes at no cost) in exchange for advertising rights for x number of years. The companies have sales teams who solicit the adds for each board, some in the local area and some as regional or national sales.


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This digital equipment sure got so many histories behind them, it’s almost like nobody remembers when they first budded at sporting occasions. Future Digital scoreboards should have video-capable LED screens that organizations use to support fan participation. And it should also provide light moments as the screen can show all the craziness that goes with the game. I suppose there are indoor digital signage displays that provide these facilities already.