Friday Finals (2/19)


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No, it was a team that was not super talented being led by a clueless bunch of morons on the sidelines. Coach pretty much quit on his team in the first team quarter. Hopefully he didn't have his heart in the game because he was told it was his last but fans can only dream. They didn't score in the first quarter and only had 2 points in the half but that's okay, grandpa's little bit got plenty of minutes.
Haven't heard anything this bad in a long time.
What a shame


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Coldwater 52 (11-11)
Delphos SJ 32 Coldwater finishes regular season .500

St Henry 56
Parkway 53

Fort Recovery 55
New Bremen 50

Minster 48
Springfield Shawnee 36

Marion Local 50
New Knoxville 35

Versailles 42
Arcanum 34 (From yesterday)


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Other Massillon Area Scores:

Massillon Tuslaw—42
Canton South——-49

Massillon Christian—-45
Hartville Christian——52

Navarre Fairless——-47
Wooster Triway———41
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