Freshmen Only Races or 9/10 Races


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I have a big group of freshmen coming up next year.

What are some XC meets with a freshmen-only race or at least 9/10 races that I could bring these boys and girls to in Ohio?

Mr. Slippery

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Hot Summer Bash and Eisenhart are two that I know have 9/10 races.
Eisenhart is the only one I could think of that still arranges its JV races in that manner. The only reason I remember that is because a team from my area went there a few years ago and arranged its entries in hopes of having the individual winner in each boys race.

Walsh Jesuit used to run a freshman race that was 4k as part of the Tomahawk Run (now called the Pat Ritchie Invitational). I'm not sure if the Warrior Classic (JV meet WJ holds the Monday after districts) is still contested as a 9/10 and an 11/12 race. The Malone Invitational also used to split its JV-Open races into 9/10 and 11/12 but no longer has to do so. Chip timing and decreased participation has eliminated the need to run multiple non-varsity races. However, it can be a good experience for the youngsters to race only against others in grades 9/10. They may discover that they stack up well within their cohort.